So you can play your favorite PC games with your Stream Deck

When a server was a child, he saw soccer players as a reference in world sport, but now children have other references such as YouTubers or influencers and, therefore, they definitely want to be streamers. To achieve this there is nothing better than a Stream Deck, but… Can such a deck be used? Stream Deck really for play on pc apart from its classic functions? The answer below.

The possibilities of a peripheral as specific as a Stream Deck are so wide that probably only a few hundred users around the world take advantage of its full potential. Broadcasting live is an art that is also mastered by few and therefore the use of these peripherals, although useful as few, is relegated to a specific task such as facilitating streaming and interacting with users who see us.

But as expected, some want to get more out of their spending and innovate with it, expanding their capabilities even within gaming. Is it worth the outlay for its use?

Stream Deck to play on your PC

Can you really use something like a Stream Deck to play games? Yes, and not in a bad way exactly. As we know, what is most used to play is the W,A,S,D, Shift, Control and the space bar, not forgetting the R key to reload the weapon, or the E and Q for other assignments.

And that is precisely where all this lies, in assigning these or other key keys to the keys of your Stream Deck to use it as a gaming keyboard. Crazy? Well, it depends on the needs of each one.

The keys of the Stream Deck are not the panacea in terms of speed and response times, far from it, but they are suitable for those who have low-end keyboards and even in certain models they could be superior.

But for the rest they are clearly a step backwards, not because of what has been said, but because of simple touch. All this together will reduce our competitiveness and logically it is not what we are looking for. As a test or hobby it can be fine, as an addition it will surely be better and that is what we are going to comment on below.

Is it better to use it as a Macro Pad?

It makes much more sense, since the functions are broader and we extract more potential from the same hardware. A macro pad can be specific or generic, but a Stream Deck integrates the two options in an equally good configuration.

used as said macro-pad we can have very specific functions from a multitude of video games, for example, as a utility to launch abilities in WoW, specific macros in LOL or we can simply use it as a numpad.

The options here are much broader, since it is relegated to the background and as it is fully configurable through software that is normally very powerful and adaptable to the needs of the user, it sees how its abilities are enhanced.

The problem is logically the price, too high for what is achieved with them, since there are cheaper specific pads that perform the same functions. For this reason, it would only be an advisable option if what we want is to do all this and above all, use it for the main function to which it is entrusted, since without the latter it is a waste of money and time.

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