So you can post on Instagram from your computer

Of course, despite all that success, the purchase by Mark Zuckerberg, etc., there was something that always left a certain group of users unsatisfied: the experience of using the browser. Yes, it is true that the app was designed from the beginning thinking only of being used from the mobile, but times change and adapting is good.

This has taken Instagram more than ten years and at first the web version was simply a view of the content posted by users. Later came options such as being able to make comments or give Like, even manage direct messages or view stories; but there was something that could be constantly: to be able to publish from the computer.

The unofficial solution to post on Instagram from your PC

Until now, the only options to be able to publish on Instagram from a computer were to make the social network believe that it was being done from a mobile device. This is how third-party applications or the agent change trick in a browser did it.

Still, these were incomplete solutions as editing options or the ability to post video content as well as photos were lost. Luckily all this is over and there is already an official option for any user to publish content (photos and videos) on Instagram without having to use your mobile phone.

This is something that influences, communication agencies, media, brands and even digital artists from different fields can take advantage of practically on a daily basis. Because there are many jobs that start and end on a computer (Windows PC or Mac, also Linux), and it is uncomfortable having to go around sending the final art to a mobile to be able to publish.

This saving of time and reduction of processes will be highly valued by many, even by those users who use the network for personal purposes, but also make intensive use of their computers. So let’s see what this whole new experience is like.

How to post on instagram from PC and Mac

For post on Instagram from your computer Windows PC, Mac or any other with a web browser, the first and only thing to do is access the web to log in with your access data to the platform.

Once you have your user account started, you will see that a new icon with + symbol inside. When you press it, a menu or pop-up window will appear that will clearly give you the steps you have to follow. If you think so, let’s see what they are.

When you log in and give the + icon a floating menu appears that will allow you select content from computer you want to post to the main feed. This can be both photos and videos.

When you select the content and give it to load you will see that the next screen allows to crop the image Or rather adjust it to frame it according to the original aspect ratio, square, 4: 5 or 16: 9. You can also zoom and reframe as you like. And if that wasn’t enough, if you want to publish a gallery instead of an image, you just have to click on the icon in the lower right corner and then on + to add new images or video.

Now that you have it, you will go to Edit menu where you can apply predefined filters or touch parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, dim or vignette. Here having photo or video editors for PC as powerful as Lightroom and the like does not make much sense, but if you want to quickly upload an image and touch on some basic aspects, it can be interesting.

Ready, the last step is write the caption, add a place and change other options accessibility or advanced settings. You decide what you really want to do. When you finish, click on Share and end, your new content will already be published on your profile.

Can I post stories and reels on Instagram from my computer?

Now that we have the option to publish content in the main Instagram feed from the computer, the next thing we could think of is when to post stories and reels. Well, let’s see, these two ways of interacting on the platform are usually more dynamic options, more for the moment and not as something thought and premeditated like a publication that will stay there forever.

The stories have an expiration of 24 hours and the Reels are maintained, but their effect is still more of a quick impact and not so much of an archive. So surely these options will arrive in a while. You probably won’t have to wait ten years, but it is true that if you are betting a lot on both types of publications right now, it may not be worth it in a while and it won’t be worth having the option.

Whatever it is, the important thing is that right now we have the option to publish photos and videos on Instagram from the computer easily. So let’s take advantage and share content, perhaps more elaborate or simply made from other apps that are not mobile.

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