So you can record on your Mac and it’s free (you’re welcome)

OBS, the perfect option to record video and audio on the Mac

This app is not found natively on macOS, so you have to download the app through Safari. Remember that this version is available for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors.

However, before starting to record, you have to take into account that, in the event that you have a chip from intelyou must have a very well equipped team, whereas, if you have a TOpfull siliconewith an M1 it is more than enough.

mac studio 3

How OBS Studio works

The first thing we are going to have to do is go to the part of preferences and do a little configuration. In the issue section, you can determine from which place you want to broadcast live or if you want to record the screen, choose the option to record screen, so that, once you have finished the video, it is saved automatically.

To start working, you have to add a new scene, which will encompass everything that we are going to do in the project encompasses. Within each scene, we have to click on the button + and we can choose different options such as audio input capture, screen capture, video capture, scene, etc. Here you have to choose peripherals or accessories sound and screen you want to connect OBS to Studio. If you have multiple microphones, for example, you can choose the one you want to use for this scene.

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With respect to screen recording, we have two options. On the one hand, you can use the option of screenshot, which allows you to record everything that appears on the desktop, so you have to be careful that you don’t get notifications. On the other hand, we have the option of window screenshotswhich allows you to capture only the window that interests us, although, on Mac, it usually causes quite a few problems, so it is best to do a complete capture.

Another very interesting section is the media content which will allow us to save a lot of time in post-production, since you can add music in a loop and avoid having to add it later. Also, adding this music limits the noise of your equipment in the event that the fans are activated due to temperature.

advanced properties

MacBook Pro connection

If we click on advanced properties, we see which section we can customize the information that we are collecting from the given source. This option is very interesting for audios. if you want to pick up audio of chats or conversations that you have had with professionals in a certain sector, to later upload it to a platform, you have to go to use the section lubbockwhich consists of taking the sound itself that comes out of the system and reintroducing it.

you can do it for hardware and software. By software, you have to use plugins that sometimes don’t work well, therefore, the best option is to do it through hardware, using accessories such as an audio mixer, which allows you to obtain the voices that have been emitted in the scene.

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