So you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a laptop with CrowPi L

The fame of Raspberry Pi continues to grow and more and more users are making the leap to this small PC with tremendous possibilities. The last of them is not that it is new in concept, but it is in form, since the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning it into a laptop has been trying to get it right for some time, but it was not achieved until now and thanks to the kit CrowPi L. This new kit will convert our Raspberry Pi on a laptop much like an old Intel Atom netbook, with its screen and keyboard!

The versatility of the Raspberry Pi is without a doubt its strongest weapon, but this kit is sure to take it to the next level. As we said, the idea is not new, but this kit achieves what the others have not achieved and it is not more than to do it well and take your Pi to be a real laptop.

CrowPi L, the best kit to make it a laptop

It is something worth seeing, since from a PCB in the air as such, which is Raspberry Pi, we went on to a fully functional laptop. And we will have a screen of 11 inches with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with technology IPS in its panel that is accompanied by a structure that surrounds it and also takes a full keyboard laptop plus a small trackpad.

Said structure mounts magneticallywhich makes everything much easier to install and without screws in most parts.

The structure is thicker than a normal laptop for obvious reasons, but it is definitely worth it, since for example the 40-pin GPIO and the HDMI They are accessible from one of the sides of the casing, allowing them to be used.

As a good laptop it has a battery and in this case the one we have is 5,000mAh which can be used in a conventional way without being plugged in, so the mobility of a conventional laptop is also adopted in this CrowPi L kit.

Only compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B

Something bad had to have this kit, and it is nothing more than compatibility with a single model of Raspberry, specifically the 4B. But leaving this aside, the improvements are obvious and can also be enhanced thanks to what the manufacturer has called Crowtail Starter Kit.


This kit is made up of a series of parts that can be added to CrowPi L and that make it even more portable. It is a DIY project, so it would not be part of the kit to convert the Raspberry Pi into a laptop as such, but if we are handy and like to mess around, it is undoubtedly a great option to consider to expand its capabilities.

96 programming courses for beginners are also included as standard, something that they will not charge us in the price, which for this kit CrowPi L It is 279 dollarss and can be purchased from its official website. It is undoubtedly a great option at a reasonable price that will allow us to get even more out of our Raspberry Pi.

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