So you can use the lights at home as motion sensors

Smart light bulbs are one of the main options to start home automation. They are cheap, easy to use and also very useful. Now, do they serve only to light? In this article we echo how a company of smart bulbs has devised a way to use them also as motion sensors. We can say that they are going to act as a two for one and in this way take advantage of the available resources.

WiZ lights can detect movement

These are the smart lights from WiZ, which could now also be used as motion detectors. This new function is called Space Sense and with her signify intends that light bulbs can act beyond simply serving to illuminate any place in the house.

Is a software function that integrates with WiZ, which is Signify’s Wi-Fi smart light bulbs. It is scheduled to arrive at the end of this month of September and be available to users. It is based on Wi-Fi sensor technology that detects changes in the signal. For example, it detects changes in intensity when someone enters a room and turns the lights on or off when it detects that they have already left and there is no movement.

It must be taken into account that the Wi-Fi sensor technology it was already used in some routers and security systems. Now it will also be present in the WiZ bulbs, so it will be an added bonus to these Signify devices. One more option to make our home smarter and automate processes, such as turning lights on and off based on movement.

According to the manufacturer, to start using this new function it will only be necessary to have at least two light bulbs in the same room. From there, it will begin to detect the movement of people when they access that place and thus be able to turn it on or off.

motion sensor in light bulbs

great compatibility

It should also be mentioned that Signify’s WiZ bulbs have a great compatibility with products like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri or IFTTT. This feature will be able to work through the WiZ V2 application, which will be released soon. In this way we can configure it and take advantage of the movement sensor.

If you wonder to what extent the movement sensor is going to be sensitive, it is something that you will be able to set up. You can make it more or less sensitive and even set a delay so the lights stay on for a while after you leave the room. In this way we will avoid problems if it suddenly goes dark.

According to the privacy, from the company indicate that all data is processed only locally in the light bulb. They do not store information related to the location of those detected movements, much less facial recognition. In that sense there are no problems with data and personal information.

On the other hand, they indicate that there will be great compatibility since this SpaceSense function will be available in most products launched for a year, from September 2021. However, they also indicate that they will try to extend this compatibility to other previous products.

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