So you can watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup online: live and streaming

Without a doubt, the most anticipated football event at the national team level, which is held every four years, is the Soccer World Cup. And this year 2022 is our turn, although with the peculiarity that for the first time it will be held in winter. Let’s see how we can follow it through the Internet.

The main reason for all this is that the 2022 World Cup this year celebrate in Qatar, so playing it in the summer would have been a difficult task due to the weather. Right now we are a few days away from the start of the event that will start on November 20. It will be then that the opening match of this 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be held. To say that this long-awaited football event will end on December 18.

This is an event that will likely be followed by billions of soccer lovers, or not so much, all over the globe. Keep in mind that only a few thousand will be able to attend these meetings organized by the FIFA. Fortunately, our country is one of the participants in this World Cup thanks to the classification it achieved at the time. Precisely for this reason, I am sure that here in Spain many of you will be attentive to watch the matches of our national team. However, the schedules are going to be somewhat different due to the area where they are held.

This means that we may be caught away from home and we will not be able to follow the game as usual through the TV. At this point, the first thing we should know is that public television in our country has the rights to all the matches of the Spanish team.

How to watch the World Cup matches on the Internet

This means that if the matches of our national team catch us away from home we can watch them through our mobile or any other device with a connection, and completely free of charge. We only have to access the official website of RTVE where we can follow the meeting live. At this point it is worth mentioning that here we can see without paying a single euro all the matches of the World Cup 2022 of our selection.

And not only that, since Spanish public television will also broadcast the opening match, the semi-finals and the final free of charge, whether or not the Spanish team is present. To these meetings are added, broadcast openly by RTVE, two quarterfinal matches, four eighth matches, and one match from each group in the initial phase. This means that football lovers will be able to enjoy a good part of the matches openly, live, through the internet and for free.

In the event that you want to see the rest of the matches of other participating teams, you will have to pay. For 19.99 euros, the GolMundial platform will offer all the matches, including those mentioned above for the Spanish team. In addition, those of you who have contracted LaLiga or All Movistar Football packagesyou can also enjoy all the matches through the Movistar Plus+ channel.

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