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No one can deny that, today, Wikipedia has become the main source of information, verified information and maintained by a large number of users who collaborate in a totally altruistic way. However, sometimes, going to this internet encyclopedia is not the best option if we want to quickly know a terman animal, a function, a part of the story, how a device works, what is one or the other due to the large amount of information that is displayed and that, sometimes, makes finding the information we are looking for an ordeal that forces us to resort to other less reliable sources.

Obviously, Wikipedia is designed to satisfy the curiosity and lack of knowledge of users who reach the millions of articles available, so the more information it offers, the better. However, many users do not need to know the history of its creation, who invented it, the reasons that led to the war, who won or lost, the concessions that had to be made, who had the first idea to create a certain object or product. . The solution to this problem is not to use another source, since there is no other like it on the internet. The solution is to use Wikifox.

What is Wikifox?

Wikifox allows us to access the same information that is currently available on Wikipedia, so it is not an alternative to it. What Wikifox does is show the information available on Wikipedia in a much more orderly way and with an interface that makes it much easier to quickly access the content we are looking for without having to navigate between references, links and other things that are What they do is distract attention from the items available.

We could say that Wikifox is the reading mode of Wikipedia. When we access from a mobile device, we have seen how the Wikipedia interface is not responsive, that is, it does not automatically adapt to the size of the screen of the device we are using, so we must make an effort to be able to search and, above all, in read the available content.

We will not have this problem with WikiFox, since all the content that is displayed removes from the user interface all the information that we do not need to have at hand while reading the content that we have searched for. In this way, the width of the screen is used, the paragraphs are more widely spaced and just like the letters making reading the content very similar to the experience of reading an e-book.


By default, Wikifox displays search results in English. pressing the button Optionslocated in the upper right corner of the web, we can change the language so that, instead of looking for terms in the English Wikipedia, it does so in the Spanish section.

As we can in the two images that we have included in this article, the first image corresponds to the Wikifox version, where a cleaner interface is shown, with larger fonts and greater line spacing, making it easier to read. In the second, we can see a screenshot of the same term, where the information is crowded together and where finding the relevant information is much more complicated with the naked eye.

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