Social benefits: what do employees ask of their companies?

He HR department. is acquiring more and more prominence within companies. On the one hand, they have part of the responsibility to retain talent in their organizations, and on the other, to prevent high turnover in some sectors. The flexibility and conciliation that had been gained with the inclusion of teleworking in many companies, has been lost, as the workforce has returned to the office, on a mandatory basis.

So what can People professionals do to meet their goals? are your hands tied? The truth is that they have very interesting toolsboth for the worker and for the employer, who effectively help to maintain high morale in the company.

We talk about products like Flexible Compensation or Social Benefitswhich have become the fundamental factor for 9 out of 10 Spaniards who are looking for a new job, as highlighted by the IV Cobee Employee Benefit Trends Report 2023.

Rethinking benefit plans

Employee benefit plans go beyond the economic plane and, increasingly, are designed based on the needs of the workforce. According to the Cobee study, these are the main trends for this year, in this sector:

  • Personalized benefits, in very heterogeneous workforces there are different needs and the same services cannot be provided for everyone.
  • Let them compensate for the rise in the standard of living. Flexible remuneration is a way to increase payrolls, since these amounts are not taxed.
  • take into account the opinion of the employees. That the company asks them before making a decision, in terms of social benefits, is a way of showing that they care.
  • Beyond tax savings. Younger employees care much more about their physical and mental well-being than other generations. Therefore, they value services related to this, beyond tax savings.
  • That they give financial education to the staff, to know the rationale for the exemptions and better choose what is best for them.

Do you want to know more trends and benefits of flexible remuneration? Download this free guide here.

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