Social Media Conspiracies: How Did the Characters in Jack’s Strange World Died?

The Nightmare Before Christmas or better known as The strange world of Jack, is celebrating 28 years of its premiere in the United States. Along with the season of Halloween and Day of the Dead, this movie has become a trend in the last few hours.

But, what is the reason for what in social networks The strange world of Jack, sHas it become “fashionable”? The reason is quite simple, in the last hours the cause of death of the different characters that inhabit history has been questioned and it is that users have not been able to help wondering how did they get there?

Although there is no official information, the conspiracy theory is the order of the day. Here we leave you the possible causes of death of the most emblematic characters of the series.


The protagonist of the film is the king of Halloween, this eccentric character could have had a cause of descent caused by a fire, caused or accidental. The theory arises from the beginning of the film in which he is seen coming out dressed as a scarecrow and begins to catch fire. Although there is also the possibility that he died when falling, or being thrown, in acid, since in one scene he is seen coming out of a well with a greenish appearance.


The “rag doll” that wanders in the city could have met its sad end in a macabre way, although it is true that the exact cause of death is unknown, many users say that Sally was murdered and later dismembered, which is why it is made with the remains of the bodies of other women.


The ghost dog, could have left this world after getting lost in the snow and freeze to death. Although it is also likely that he has been electrocuted, as it appears to be made of smoke.

Lock, Shock and Barrel

The three little ones could have been lost in the night of witches, so they keep their costumes on. Some users on the network claim that they died from a cold frost.

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