Social Security will launch an app to manage the self-employed contribution system

As reported in Faro de Vigo, the Ministry of Social Security would be about to launch an application for the self-employed centralize most of your procedures. This tool would be linked to the group’s new contribution system, related to real income.

Spain has 3.3 million self-employed workers and each one could calculate in real time and based on their returns, what would be the taxes to pay. In this way, they could also “adjust” these profits, depending on how their business was evolving.

The Social Security launched the platform a few days ago Import @ ss, for citizens to consult their employment information, such as their working life, the benefits to which they are entitled or carry out certain simple procedures. With the new tool, Minister JosĂ© Luis Escrivá wants to go one step further and introduce new procedures that can be carried out easily and digitally. “The process of registering as a freelancer is very complex and the current service is not very intuitive for users”, acknowledges the Government in its internal document.

Although there is no definitive date for the launch of the new applicationIt will be a key element to launch the new contribution system, which will begin to operate in 2023 in principle. Its deployment will be gradual, until 2032, when it is mandatory and definitively implemented.

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