Sodexo commits to sustainability in its cards

According to some reports, such as the recent “Global Carbon Budget”, companies from all sectors are taking a more active role in terms of its sustainability policies and more specifically, regarding their zero carbon emission strategies.

In line with this responsibility, since Sodexo Benefits and Incentivesan employee benefits services company, always aligned with the principles of care and concern for the well-being of its clients and employees, have gone one step further in its commitment to circularity and sustainability of its activity.

In order to reinforce this commitment to sustainability and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations, Sodexo Benefits and Incentives are carrying out different actions aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of their operations that are structured around three major axes:

  • Reducing indirect emissions from your products
  • The neutralization of its direct emissions
  • The promotion of responsible consumption

Reduction of indirect emissions through virtual cards and recycled materials

Among the actions implemented by the company to reduce its direct emissions, it is worth highlighting the digitalization of your Restaurant Pass and Transport Pass cardsas well as the use of recycled materials in the physical versions of these same cards.

In this sense, it should be noted that 37.4% of the cards issued by Sodexo since January 2022 -the date on which the company launched the digital version of its cards- they are already 100% digital. This means that 21% of the beneficiaries of the Sodexo Restaurant Pass Card or Transport Pass already use a 100% digital version. These virtual cards maintain all the functionalities of a physical card, with the added convenience of being able to always carry it effortlessly directly from your smartphone. It is also possible to pay with it at any participating establishment from the Google and Apple wallets. In addition, using a virtual format instead of the physical card means an 84% reduction in the carbon footprint of the card, so it is much more sustainable.

As for the physical cards, It should be noted that they are also environmentally responsible since they are made with recycled PVC from materials that have reached the end of their useful life. A material that also promotes the circular economy since it avoids the generation of a new waste, if not it is produced from the recycling of an existing one.

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Neutralization of direct carbon emissions and use of renewable energy

With the aim of completely neutralizing carbon emissions derived from the production of recycled cards, at Sodexo they offset the carbon footprint generated with a proportional investment in NGOs specialized in carbon neutralization actions, which accredits these cards. with the “carbon neutral” standard.

Among other actions, these NGOs carry out tree planting and reforestation activities in Kenya and Ugandaas well as projects to optimize deteriorated energy infrastructures in countries like Bangladesh, which prevent gas emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition, at Sodexo Beneficios e Incentivos they are committed to the use of renewable energy in their supplies, so that currently 100% of their electricity is renewable. This commitment can also be seen in a tangible way in the choice of suppliers committed to sustainability policies or in the migration of the company’s vehicle fleet to electric models.

Dissemination and promotion of responsible consumption

Finally, the company also actively participates in the promotion and implementation of responsible consumption through waste collection actions and awareness programs. Thus, 100% of its employees are trained in sustainable consumption practices.

Sodexo’s commitment to sustainability and the environmental footprint of our activity is firm and for this reason it has become a strategic pillar of our decisions as a company. These actions have been carried out for years in our company, but it is time to make an additional effort and give the visibility that corresponds to such an important issue for everyone. Only in this way will we be able to accompany our clients in their own commitments to the environment and continue taking care of an asset as important as their employees, but also in a responsible and sustainable way with the environment that surrounds us”Miriam Martín, Director of Marketing and Communication of Sodexo.

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