SoftMaker publishes FreeOffice 2021, a free suite for Windows, Mac and Linux

SoftMaker has released FreeOffice 2021, a totally free office suite with support for Windows, Mac and Linux, which is part of any list of alternatives to the industry leader, Microsoft Office.

Created by German developer SoftMaker Software GmbH, FreeOffice was one of the first alternative developments to offer full compatibility with Microsoft suite formats, in reading and editing. Lightweight, but complete for personal use, it offers the user the choice between a classic interface (with toolbars and menus) or a modern look (with a ribbon type used by Office).

FreeOffice 2021, what’s new

It is the first major release of the suite in three years. It is based on the commercial solution SoftMaker Office 2021 from the same manufacturer and does not offer much news about it.

The TextMaker 2021 word processor gains support for the simultaneous use of footnotes and endnotes within the same document, while the presentations application (alternative to PowerPoint), adds new OpenGL-based animations and slide transitions, which improves compatibility with PowerPoint documents, according to the developer.

FreeOffice 2021

The suite’s spreadsheet, PlanMaker 2021, gets extended pivot tables and support for conditional formats, while also being updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Excel, including the latest versions added in the new MS Office 2021 suite and the Microsoft 365 cloud version.

SoftMaker publishes FreeOffice 2021, a free suite for Windows, Mac and Linux 29

FreeOffice 2021 is Freeware licensed software that is offered on a free totally free with support for multiple languages ​​(Spanish included) and for computers with Windows, Mac and Linux.

The truth is that it is difficult to recommend anything other than outstanding LibreOffice for those looking for alternatives to MS Office or Google Docs, but it is always interesting to have more options. We have not had time to test this FreeOffice that we have always liked. If you dare, you know, we appreciate you telling us your experience.

And if you want a complete experience, without some of the limitations of the free version, the same manufacturer sells SoftMaker Office 2021 in two editions (Home and Universal) that can be purchased through a one-time purchase or under a monthly or annual subscription.

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