Solar-charged headphones are here: infinite battery by day?

The ecological boom in technological products is a reality, and it is something positive whatever its approach and it is true that for more than a decade it has been tinkering with the implementation of solar panels in different types of devices. The improvement in photoelectric cells with a notable increase in energy storage sources has been creating a cocktail for products such as the one presented Blue tiger, an American company that at CES 2022 has won an award together with the Swedish Exeger for the headphones that work by solar energy called Solare.

Exeger is the owner of the Powerfoyle patent, a novel design of solar cells that, according to the brand, are more resistant than conventional ones and are focused on their use and integration in electronic devices that need, among their characteristics, lightness for day-to-day use .

The first solar powered headset

The Blue tiger solare, are the first headphones with a built-in microphone capable of being recharged exclusively with solar energy thanks to Powerfoyle technology. They were presented during CES 2022 and are expected to hit the market officially in April of this year.

With a design that may remind us of the most typical office headset, the Solare incorporates a headband made of Powerfoyle solar cell that will recharge and keep the device always ready without the need for a conventional charge. Therefore, they do not need a cable to the electrical network or a simple USB, that is, in principle they cannot be charged by other means than their headband (not specified).

The Solare offers up to 97% noise cancellation and promises functionality from -40 to 50 degrees Celsius. Its connectivity is through Bluetooth 5.1 with up 90 meter radius operational. A couple of details that draw attention are, on the one hand, the noise cancellation mentioned in a headset with a single earpiece, while on the other, a detail (which has not been reported) is the duration or the type of battery or simply the capacity of this, both Tiger Blue, and Exeger in their respective press releases, only report that they will provide virtually unlimited energy. A concept that has come more from the marketing team than from the engineering team. In the absence of knowing this detail, we will have to wait for his departure in the spring of this year.

Designed for drivers: what does the DGT think?

Solare Tiger Blue

As the manufacturer properly announces on its official website, Solare headphones with microphone are designed for professional drivers. Something that in our country directly runs into a legislative problem with our highway code, since according to the Article 18 of the General Traffic Regulation mentions that:

“It is forbidden to drive and use helmets or headphones connected to sound receivers or reproducers”

But even with this and with the rise of teleworking, we do not see it unreasonable to be able to have a conference taking the spring sun in a park, or while we walk from one point to another without skipping that important meeting.

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