Solution to Spotify problems

Troubleshooting Spotify is easy

Like any application, some event may have occurred that corrupts something in it and causes it to not work properly. A bad closing of the application, an update that has not been completed or simply a drop in the Internet connection can cause Spotify to not work correctly.

For this reason, in this article we show you different solution options to Spotify problems in case you have a problem.

restart the app

Many times, it is simply a specific error of the application that closing and opening the app may fix it. It depends on the iPhone you have, you have to know how to close applications.

If your iPhone or iPad has a Home button, closing the app and restarting it is very easy: just double-tap the Home button and the background assistant will exit. As soon as you’ve located Spotify, swipe up on the app to close it.

To close the app on an iPhone without a home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then swipe left or right to find the Spotify app in the Background app assistant. Then swipe up on the app preview to close it.

Update Spotify

Use old versions of the applications can cause errors in the sameso it is more than advisable to update the application to know that we have the latest version available.
Just go to the AppStore, locate Spotify and update it to see if this is one of the solutions to Spotify problems on your phone or tablet.

Restart your iPhone

If it still fails, you can resort to the old trick of all computer scientists: a hard reset your iPhone it can help solve general problems with the operation of the application.

Simply power off your phone by holding the power button until the power off slider appears. Once you slide the slider all the way to off, turn it back on and check if Spotify is working properly.

Many Spotify troubleshooting fixes with reboots

Many Spotify troubleshooting fixes with reboots

Check if you have Internet failures

Spotify is a 100% online application, so any problem in the connection can affect to the reproduction of the music and in general, to the operation of the same.

Cuts in the internet connection, not having the APN configured correctly on the mobile phone or simply not having enough balance or data to navigate are some of the factors that could cause Spotify to not work correctly.

Reinstall Spotify

When none of the above solves the error, it is likely that reinstalling the app be the solution to Spotify problems that you are looking for. As we discussed in the intro, a failed update can lead to a corrupted application that fails to use.

If this is your scenario, delete the Spotify app and redownload it to see if that is the solution to Spotify problems for you.

Verify that you have enough free memory

Spotify requires at least 250 MB of memory for buffering (pre-loading the content we want to play).

If your iPhone’s memory is so full that it doesn’t have that much, you’ll have playback problems. The good thing is that the solution is easy, simply delete content to make room for Spotify.

You can log out of Spotify to solve problems with the application

You can log out of Spotify to solve problems with the application

Make sure you are using an updated version of iOS

The latest versions of Spotify require you to be using the latest software available, so it’s a good idea to update your iPhone or iPad software to the latest version.

If you are using a legacy or vintage device (i.e. an older iPhone or iPad), Spotify support may no longer be available for that model. If the latest version that lets you download the AppStore already tells you that it is not compatible, unfortunately you will have to buy a new device Have more current software.

None of this works for me – I keep getting errors on Spotify

If, even after performing all these steps, you still have problems with Spotify, perhaps the error you have is really an undocumented bug that the company is investigating and that only occurs in some contexts in which your device could be framed.

From the company itself, they indicate that the best thing in these cases is to consult the Twitter account of SpotifyStatuswhere they indicate the status of the faults detected and where you can send reports of what happens to your phone with the application.

If you are not a Twitter user but want to report your error, you do not need to open an account on the company’s social network. You have at your disposal the Ongoing Issues page in the Spotify Community section, where you can ask other users or members of the application support about the failures you see about it.

We hope that all these tips to solve problems in Spotify have helped you and that, if you are suffering from any, you have been able to solve it. And if not, remember: you always have the options of official communication with the company to consult them and that they give you a solution if it is available.

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