Solution to the problem that prevents your iPhone from charging

Main errors when charging an iPhone

As we said before, although the problem should not be ignored, it is no less true that this situation may occur that the iPhone does not charge well. Below we analyze the main causes (and their solutions) for this type of failure.

The iPhone does not pass 80% charging

If you haven’t done much research in the device settings and / or are not very knowledgeable about charging methods, you probably have this “problem”. And we put it in quotes because it really is not a problem but a charging option provided by the iPhone itself. If you go to Settings> Battery you will find an option called “Optimized charging”.

What makes having this function active is that the iPhone learns from your habits and according to the time it estimates it will take to use it again, whether or not it recharges the battery. Let’s see it with an example; Imagine that you go to bed at 00:00 and put the iPhone to charge and you don’t disconnect it until 7:00 when you get up. The iPhone will probably charge 100% long before you wake up, but with this option it will stay at 80% without receiving any more charge until you calculate that it will be able to charge it up to 100% by the time you get up.

optimized charging iphone

Continuing with the example, if you took the iPhone at 3 in the morning, it is possible that it is 80%. And although in theory this is a functionality designed to extend battery life, it can become annoying if you don’t have a repetitive loading habit. Therefore, if this is your case, we recommend deactivating the settings option and with this the iPhone will reload normally without being limited to 80% or other percentages (apart from 100%, of course).

Unsupported accessory

Normally, when an accessory such as headphones or the charger itself is not compatible, what appears is a message on the screen informing about it. However, the fact that it does not appear does not mean that your charger may not be compatible. If the charging cable is not Apple’s nor is it MFi certified (Made For iPhone), it could probably be the cause of you having trouble charging your phone.

Yes, apparently it can look the same and it may seem absurd that it is not compatible in this case. But it must be said that if the connector does not have its effectiveness certified to charge the iPhone, it could detect it as non-original and therefore not be used for charging. Sometimes it may even charge you, but usually intermittently.

Accessory not compatible iPhone

That is why it is most advisable to use original accessories or with MFi certificate. This certificate, whose initials we have already said previously, is a standard by which manufacturers can create iPhone accessories that, despite not being Apple originals, serve in the same way. You can differentiate them by the distinctive they have on their box or in the product description if you make an online purchase. It goes without saying that if a manufacturer sells a device like MFi without being it, it is a reason for complaint and even complaint.

Intermittent outages while charging

Although this problem is very specific and occurs with the iPhone charging at times and others as if it did not have the cable connected, its origin may be due to several factors such as those that we expose you below.

Broken cable (internally or externally)

Here it will not matter if the cable is original, MFi or none of them. If this shows some kind of damage, it can cause the load to be intermittent. On many occasions these failures are produced by overstretching the cables or by bending them excessively and although external breaks can be seen, in other cases the break is inside.

And since it can be very complex to see this problem if it is internal, it is advisable that you try another compatible cable in order to rule out problems. And if you have the possibility of having another iPhone nearby, it is also an interesting option to try this cable with it. If it worked with this other, you could rule out that it is a cable problem and set your sights on failures of your own iPhone.

new patent lightning cable

Faulty power adapter

Although we never usually blame this for being suspicious before the cable, the power adapter (yes, the one that you use to connect it to the wall socket) can be the culprit of a bad charge. In this case, it is practically impossible to see its defects visually, unless it has taken a good blow that has made it feel muffled or with its loose pieces.

Therefore the advice here is the same as before: try using another adapter and even try this one with other devices to verify its operation. In these cases it is also advisable to use an original power adapter that, if possible, is at least 5w. Chargers with less power may not charge the device.

iphone apple charging adapter

Dirty or broken iPhone port

The Lightning port of the iPhone can also cause problems and even prevent charging regardless of the cable used. This may be due to the fact that its connections are broken or defective, for which only the technical service could give you a solution. However, in most cases these failures are due to problems of dirt, since some speck of dust, no matter how tiny it may be, may have gotten in, thus preventing it from making a connection with the cable. Try cleaning it with a lint-free swab and / or a small soft bristle brush.

In the event that the port is broken, which can be seen apparently or not, it is best to go to Apple. In the technical service they will be able to carry out tests that verify its operation and offer you a solution that generally involves giving you a reconditioned iPhone with identical features to yours and fully functional. Of course, if it is detected that it is due to a blow, water damage or the like, it will be outside the legal coverage of the guarantee and you will have to pay for the repair.


Other possible causes of failure

In addition to what was previously commented and which has more to do with the hardware or with the charging accessories as such, there are other factors to take into account regarding the software and that can also cause problems with the load.

It is rare that the iPhone software, and more permanently, gives you problems with charging. However, nothing can be ruled out and even less at this point. Therefore, we advise you to carry out the following tests:

  • Restart the iPhone: this process closes all the processes running in the background and which could be problematic. Turn off the phone without having it charging and, after 15-30 seconds after it is turned off, turn it on again and try charging it.
  • Update it: Go to Settings> General> Software Updates and check if there is a newer version of iOS compatible with your iPhone. If the problem comes from your current software version, the update should solve it.
  • Restore the operating system: Either from the iPhone (in Settings> General> Reset) or connected to a computer (via iTunes / Finder), you can try this solution desperately and it would end all kinds of software problems. Of course, you must configure the iPhone as new without loading a backup copy to make sure.

If after this you continue to have problems, and as we anticipated in some other point, it is advisable to go to Apple or a SAT (Authorized Technical Support). In these establishments they will be able to review the device in order to find the exact cause of the problem and offer you the best solution.

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