Some academies are already offering metaverse training

The metaverse has burst in in recent years to discover a alternate reality which presents infinite possibilities with a particularly great potential impact on the world of education. To learn how to apply all the advantages offered by this new technology, IEBS Digital Schoolthe business school specializing in online training, will open new classrooms in the metaverse to provide training and encourage networking among its students. In a world like the current one, it is proven that students enjoy learning with their mobile phone more than with a book. Metaverse applications can create a virtual space where students can walk, take notes, attend class and communicate with other classmates or teachers, totally transforming the elearning industry. The level of immersion will make the attendees perceive the experience as if they were really in a face-to-face class. In addition, with the metaverse, the resources offered to the student will be better thanks to, for example, the 3D visualizationsthe incorporation of virtual reality, the use of gamification and the connection between students and teachers through a variety of technologies that promote and improve communication.

Networking between colleagues

In the virtual classrooms of IEBS in the metaverse, just as teachers will be able to create your own classrooms to teach classes or carry out activities, students will also be able to access spaces to meet, share information, carry out projects and network with their classmates. This initiative is part of IEBS’s commitment to innovation, adopting the technological trends that are emerging to update itself and face the new challenges of the future of the sector. To this end, the school also launches free training initiatives, such as the celebration of the Metaverse Day event or the launch of the MOOC Introduction to the Metaverse: The new revolution.

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