Some Apple Silicon are not updating to macOS Monterey 12.1

Monterey 12.1

Nobody is perfect, much less Apple, that is clear to even the most radical fanboy. One of the main characteristics of the company is to always be thinking about how users can get the most out of their Apple devices, and always ensure the security of the data they contain.

And that is only achieved by launching constant updates to its software, always adding new functions and more security each time you update an Apple device. But no matter how much they are tried first, sometimes a bug will “sneak” into these updates. It seems that some Macs with an M1 processor do not are being updated to the new version macOS 12.1 released a couple of days ago …

This same week, Apple released a new version of macOS Monterey, the 12.1. Up to here, everything normal. One more. But the fact is that some owners of the new Macs with an M1 processor are appearing on the net that they do not see the possibility of updating their equipment via OTA. Weird, weird.

It appears that some Mac users with the M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max processors They do not see the option to update their devices when they enter “System Preferences”, and then “Software Update”.

It is the most common and comfortable way to update your Mac, that is, if you do not have the «automatic update»On your device, which is the best thing to do. So you will always have it with the latest version of macOS released by Apple.

Until this moment, Apple has not yet recognized the problem. But we have no doubt that he will fix it shortly. Meanwhile, the only solution to update the Macs that have this problem is to enter the recovery mode and reinstall macOS, and thus the latest version of the operating system will be downloaded.

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