Some Apple suppliers stop machines due to the Chinese energy crisis

These are bad times for Apple. From Cupertino they continue with their «timing» of presentation of new products, without it appearing that the global crisis of component shortage affect them the least. While many factories around the world are halting their production due to lack of chips, Apple is launching the new iPhone 13.

Well, a new setback outside the company can affect you fully when it comes to having new devices ready to launch: the energy crisis in China currently. Some Apple suppliers have had to stop their production. We’ll see if this can delay any imminent releases, like the next MacBook Pros.

Some of Apple’s suppliers based in China are stopping its manufacture of components due to a major energy crisis in that country. The Chinese government is forcing some companies to stop production to reduce energy consumption in some areas of the country.

According to the report published by Nikkei, one of Apple’s main Chinese suppliers has stopped production until next week. It is Eson Precision Engineering, a subsidiary of Foxconn, the world’s largest iPhone and MacBooks assembler, has halted production at its Kunshan, China, plant in direct response to the city’s policy to halt the supply of electricity for industrial use.

Another Apple vendor, Unimicron Technology, has halted production at two plants in two Chinese cities until the end of the month. It will try to increase the capacity of other plants to try to compensate for the slowdown in production contracted with Apple.

The firm is a major printing circuit board manufacturer and a key supplier to Apple. It has assured that its subsidiaries in the Chinese cities of Suzhou and Kunshan, in Jiangsu province needed stop production until the end of the month.

By order of the Chinese government

The Chinese government crackdown Against energy consumption comes from a combination of reasons: rising coal and natural gas prices, as well as Beijing’s effort to reduce gas emissions and an increase in energy demand. All of this is affecting a wide range of industries in the country. We’ll see if it’s a passing crisis, or if it lasts long enough to really affect Apple’s next releases.

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