Some applications may hide the Notch of the new MacBook Pro

At yesterday’s event Apple presented the new MacBook Pros. Highly anticipated I don’t think they disappointed anyone. They are real beasts on paper, at least. One of the rumors that began to come out, already close to the date of the event, was the possibility of an existence of Notch on the screen. Indeed it was. However, Apple has published a developer guide stating that that notch can be hidden in certain applications.

Following the introduction of its revamped 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, Apple released new guidelines detailing how developers can better utilize expanded screen space on new computers. As a result of having created very thin MacBooks, the screen of the new MacBook Pro needs a kind of notch or Notch. All this to house the front camera of the machine. However. As the company explains, developers can choose to include a black bar at the top of the screen to hide the clipping. This would mimic the design of previous generations of MacBook Pro. You could even make the most of the extra space with a new compatibility mode.

According to recently published documents, MacBook Pros provide a special operating mode that prevents full-screen applications from placing content under that Notch. When active, compatibility mode cautomatically change the active area of ​​the screen system to prevent clipping, ensuring content does not get dark.

Developers can opt for a custom full-screen experience, but they will need to define safe areas in their code using new tools. The option can be turned on and off with the appropriate API support.

If we have gotten used to the Notch of the iPhone, we will get used to this, no problem

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