Some HomePod users claim that with version 14.6 they have stopped working

Apple confirmed a few months ago that the HomePod had not been as successful as the company hoped and withdrew it from circulation, leaving the stock to run out definitively without launching a successor of the same quality, the HomePod mini being Apple’s only bet in this regard.

A few days ago, we informed you of the heating problems that this device was experiencing with version 15 of the HomePod, a version that is in beta. Unfortunately, It is not the only problem that is affected by Apple’s HomePod.

A 9to5Mac reader claims that one of the two HomePods that he had connected to the Apple TV, was managed by version 14.6 and has stopped working completely and for now, it has not gotten it to work again.

You contacted Apple support but they do not offer you any solution in this regard, since being 18 months old, it is out of the warranty period, being the only solution to buy a new one. (In the United States, the warranty is only one year, and hiring Apple Care is the only possibility to extend this period).

Another user, who claim to have 19 HomePods, had 7 of them using version 15 in beta and another 3 in version 14.6. The 3 models that are managed by version 14.6 they have stopped working. This user also used those connected to the Apple TV.

On Reddit we came across another user who claims that he had 2 HomePods connected to the Apple TV with version 14.6 and one of them has stopped working while the other one continues to work smoothly.

If we look at the three cases, we see how all HomePods with version 14.6 were connected to an Apple TV with tvOS 14.6, so it is likely that the problem is found when pairing both products.

For now Apple has not officially recognized the problem, So the only solution for users whose device is out of warranty is to pay the 280 euros it costs to replace it with a new one, or to use Apple Care if they had previously hired it.

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