Some iPhone 13 fail to unlock with Apple Watch

A part of the users of the new iPhone 13 have problems with the unlocking of the same using the Apple Watch. The function that allows you to unlock the iPhone using the watch seems to have a problem with this new iPhone 13 and so indicated by several of its users.

In this case a clear error message appears indicating that Unable to communicate with Apple Watch and therefore it is not possible to unlock the iPhone. In the Reddit community they explain that for some reason the new iPhone 13 is not capable of generating a key compatible with unlocking the watch and that is why it does not work.

Apple is already working on it to solve it as soon as possible

Nowadays, with the COVID-19 pandemic still spreading throughout the world, it is important to wear a mask, which is why this function is key in many public places or even for those who use public transport a lot. That is why the solution has to be fast and Apple is already working on it for its prompt solution. It is even said that they could release a version in a few days to solve the failure, which would indicate that there are many affected users.

Many of us are already used to this way of unlocking the iPhone and today it is important that it works well for several issues as we say above. In any case, it is good to know that Cupertino is the case and that users affected by the problem will soon see the solution arrive. Are you one of those affected with this problem? Leave us your comment at the bottom.

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