Some leaked news that could be confirmed for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros

If we focus on the leaks and rumors of the launch of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro And we find some changes compared to the current models. These rumors of leaks do not mean in any case that they will be a reality in the new teams, but surely some of them end up being confirmed.

Today we will see some of the highlights of these leaks and that we could finally end up seeing in the new equipment that Apple has almost ready for launch. What is almost confirmed is that they do add processors in these machines and the will become more efficient, more powerful and with a longer battery life.

Processor M1X or M2

Much is being said about the processors that can come to these new Apple computers and it is not clear if it would be an advance of the current M1 or directly a new processor. That is why rumors about the M1 or M2 continue to be the main topic of debate among the specialized media and users.

What does seem clear is that the new equipment would add an improved processor and according to some rumors it would have a 10-core CPU being available in 16 and 32-core configurations. The greater efficiency, power and autonomy improvements of the equipment will be the main novelties in this regard.

A similar design but with some changes

The design of the MacBook changes little when we look at it with the naked eye, but in the last models we have already seen significant changes in its design and this line could be the one that will follow with the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros that will present soon. A design line similar to that of the current M1-processor MacBook Pros.

Slot for SD, HDMI and MagSafe

The Cupertino company eliminated the SD card slot, HDMI port, and MagSafe charging on MacBook Pros some time ago. Current rumors indicate that although USB C is a standard, Apple would be planning to add back the card slot an HDMI port and MagSafe charging similar to that implemented in the current iPhone 12.

Of these rumors few users believe that it is possible that they are fulfilled since the present of Apple what it tries is to eliminate all kinds of cables for a long time, but on the contrary they also realize that They are “forcing” users to buy a hub with multiple ports so it would be nice if some of these card ports or even the HDMI came back. We will see what happens.

Mini-LED display and without Touch Bar

Finally, we cannot forget the possibility that Apple adds directly a mini-LED screen on computers and eliminate the Touch Bar to gain some more space and reduce the whole. If we compare the Retina LCD panels with the mini-LED screens we find that the latter offer higher brightness levels, deeper blacks, better contrast, greater durability and by cons higher energy consumption so it is necessary to measure this implementation well in the MacBook Pros of 14 and 16 inches.

The Touch Bar that led to the 2016 MacBook Pros is not fully embedded in everyday use and could therefore end up being phased out. There are several rumors that indicate that these new computers will not add the controversial touch bar that Apple adds in the MacBook Pro, we will see if they finally decide to eliminate it or not since a further reduction in the final price may also depend on this of the MacBook Pro.

Be that as it may, all these rumors are not confirmed and logically we will have to wait until the official presentation, which by the way, the date is not known, to see if finally Apple decides to implement all these news. What is certain or almost certain, is the arrival of the new processor to these MacBook Pros since this is something that Apple usually does.

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