some photos are blurry due to hardware issue

The Galaxy S23 are again affected by a bug, but this time it could be a hardware problem, not a software one. So it is likely that Samsung cannot fix it.

Since their launch last February, the Galaxy S23 have already been victims of multiple bugs. Indeed, we noted, for example, connection errors with Android Auto or a problem with the Wi-Fi 6 connection, which have probably still not been corrected by Samsung.

Worse still, some users had reported a bug with the optical stabilization of the cameras not working. Fortunately, a simple reset of the camera settings seems to fix this problem, but others will be more complicated to correct. This is particularly the case ofa bug causing blurry photos on some Galaxy S23 models.

Some Galaxy S23 take blurry photos

According to several netizens, the Galaxy S23 and S23+ would be the only ones affected by this problem. Although they reuse the exact same sensors as the previous Galaxy S22s, the 50MP camera would struggle to focus the whole scene. If the center of the scene is sharp and well framed, the photos are blurred on the sides.

S23 blurry photo
Credit: Tralax, Android-Hilfe-Forum

The impacted units would have been mainly manufactured in Vietnam, but a few devices appear to have been produced in India and South Korea. Some media were able to reproduce the bug on their own smartphones. The good news is that the Galaxy S23 Ultra do not seem to be affected at all. If you want to protect yourself against this problem, we strongly advise you to opt for this model.

A few users indicate that this problem was already present on previous S22s, but had not been reported so far, which is rather strange. The only way to fix it would be to send your smartphone back to Samsung. This indicates that it is a hardware problem, not a software one. A simple update should therefore not be enough to make it disappear. For now, Samsung has still not officially acknowledged the existence of the bug, but it is hoped that in the face of multiple reports, the Korean giant will take action to repair the affected units.

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