Some still use Internet Explorer and Microsoft is tired

It may seem incredible to you that someone, at this point, is still using the internet explorer browser. Microsoft, since June 15, no longer supports it. The Spanish Congress of Deputies or approximately 50% of Japanese companies still use Internet Explorer… for a short time.

The Internet Explorer (IE) browser is mythical, famous above all for being a slow and clunky browser. There are countless memes on the net about this browser, including a parody account on Twitter. Microsoft I change it for edgea Chromium-based browser which is infinitely better in every way, though, some insist on using IE.

Final goodbye to this mythical (and horrible) browser

That software is born and dies is something really normal, very common. Some examples would be Napster, Encarta and many others that were great in their day, but they don’t exist, they have been replaced. This has happened with Internet Explorer, which has been replaced by a more modern and powerful browser.

Until last summer Microsoft I was just throwing security updates that fixed vulnerabilities. As of the summer, Microsoft has already given it up for dead and who uses itIt is simply under its responsibility. And now, the company has a plan to end this one for good.

internet explorer microsoft edge

The solution is to kill it via a Microsoft Edge update, not a Windows update. Although they have not given more details about it, they will not end up abandoning users. Anyone who needs to use IE will have two options available. (Ambien) The first is to use it through a virtual machine or through the simulation mode that integrates the Edge browser.

At the moment, IE does not offer compatibility with most websites and current services. The reason is the language and certain protocols it uses, which are obsolete and replaced by more modern ones.

The final closure of Internet Explorer 11 through blocking by Microsoft will give the next February 13, 2023. After this date, it will be impossible to use the browser on a system. Internet access may be prevented by some type of blocking.

Closing, with slight exceptions

Although the force closure of this browser is decreed, Microsoft will still offer some support for it. Specifically, there are several distributions of their operating systems that will support it. These are:

  • Windows 10 LTSC
  • Windows 10 Chinese Government Edition
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7 Extended Security Update
  • Windows Server

There is also another option to continue using this browser, and that is to pay for updates. This program is little known, but Microsoft offers certain companies the option to pay to continue receiving updates. Said service is designed for companies with critical services that cannot be stopped or whose update cost is very expensive, economically and time wise.

The funny thing is that the Spanish Congress of Deputies is still using Windows 7 in the seats and this browser. The Government pays to continue receiving support, claiming that the change is highly expensive and requires a long time. Something like this happened in bank ATMs in Spain, where many continued to use Windows 98, despite years without official support from Microsoft.

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