Some Twitter profiles are going to be hexagonal in shape and this is why

It’s been a long time since Twitter has surprised us with a innovation on his social network and Dorsey wants to change this. The CEO of Twitter is highly involved in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and it is in this area that Twitter is already fully prepared to win the game to Instagram.

Twitter will lead the battle of the NFTs

Twitter is very serious about NFTs. Despite the fact that many people still do not understand how it works and the large number of haters that carries this technology behind its back, the truth is that Twitter is very sure of the utility that non-fungible tokens can provide to your social network. All the information that has been published these last weeks goes in this direction, which means that the network of Jack Dorsey wants lead this unprecedented move.

A few weeks ago the rumor mill began on how this new technology is going to integrate the 280-character network. Some insiders They published small pills so that we could be speculating the different applications that NFTs may have in the future of the social network. Now we know that integration is going to be much more serious, and that it can be much more useful than it seemed at first.

Justin Taylor already told us that the profile images uploaded via the token portfolio were going to show different than the normal images, but he really knew us little, since in that first preview, NFTs were going to go pretty unnoticed. Now, in an information published by Jane Manchun Wong, an expert hacker in extracting information from applications, it has been known that we will be able to recognize an NFT On twitter naked eye. How? Well, because the profile image will not be shown round, but in hexagonal shape.

What use does Twitter want to give to NFTs?

When we talk about NFT, we always refer to its ability to concentrate in a token the uniqueness and ownership of a digital property, normally related to multimedia art. Nevertheless, NFTs have more facets. Twitter seems to be focusing its vision on the concept of “digital signature”, an inseparable characteristic of NFTs.

Any profile that acquires its image from an NFT will display differently. This will serve to differentiate a normal image from a profile signed with a non-fungible token. By clicking on the hexagon, the information associated with the NFT, that is, the name of the creator of the image, the current owner who has signed the Twitter account and the corresponding traceability so that we can follow the trace that said token has passed through the blockchain from its creation to today.

This Twitter system could extend much further from the profile pictures themselves. If a good foundation is created, the social network could bring to light the true potential of NFTs, solving doubts about the intellectual property of works at the same time as they serve to give authenticity to a profile. These news seem to be hidden in the beta channel of mobile apps, so they should reach our screens in a matter of a few weeks.

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