Some users complain that the iMac M1 stand is crooked

These types of failures are not common in Apple and is that even the cargo ports are pinpointed so that everything is in sync. In this sense, a few years ago I remember that there were complaints about the USB C connector of some Android devices compared to Apple’s Lightning on your iPhone, the latter was totally focused and the others were not.

As well it seems that the new iMac with M1 have the support somewhat crooked And it makes your computers displays on the screen a little crooked. MacRumors echo a YouTuber named iPhonedo and various complaints in the Apple Support Communities or on Reddit.

This inclination of the support causes the screen to be somewhat crooked but it really is invaluable if you don’t look at it. IMac with M1 could have a 1mm variation between both sides even the sample equipment from the MacRumors website has this support somewhat crooked, as they explain after their photographer thought that it was the table that was crooked.

It really is very little and at first glance it is not noticeable but of course this type of defects should not pass the filters or the quality standards that a company like Apple has as they say. We are not clear that Apple will make refunds for this failure and it is that at the moment there have not been too many cases although they seem to exist. We will see how it progresses and in case of a possible repair or repair schedule we will share it with all of us right here.

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