Someone created the ultimate Xbox Game Pass database

The Xbox Game Pass catalog It keeps increasing month by month, and we’ve already reached a point where users have a hard time choosing which game to play. Blessed problem. Well, that is what the user who decided to give life to this peculiar website seems to have thought, since it is a very complete database that will try to make life easy for those who want to discover their next victim within the Xbox Game Pass catalog. .

Best Xbox Game Pass Database

Xbox Game Pass Catalog

With the name of Game Pass Port, this virtual library collects all the games that exist today in the service and catalogs and labels them following a wide variety of filters. For example, we can sort the games in alphabetical order, by the best score obtained by the critics, the best user score, the games with a longer or shorter duration in game time, and by release date.

But the thing does not end there, since in addition to this order of appearance, we can also create very specific filters with which to select games with a certain category, define whether or not they belong to a collection (from Bethesda, EA Play or Xbox Game Studios) or define a specific critical score, a year of release and many other features.

Games at 120 Hz? Easy

Xbox Game Pass ID

Now that many gamers start to have televisions with HDMI 2.1 and rate of refresh at 120 Hz, probably many are beginning to be interested in finding games that support this rate of images per second. Well, we will only have to select the graphics option at 120 Hz so that the list of games is immediately updated and shows us all those games that are currently in the service and run at that speed.

The definitive catalog to discover great games

The web of Gamepassport it is an amazing tool. Its magnificent interface and its easy operation will make it an essential tool for all subscribers of the service. For asking, we would have liked to find the official trailer for each game, although that probably requires manual work, and something tells us that the entire web is perfectly automated reading information from Microsoft’s website and obtaining data from websites such as Metacritic and HowLongToBeat.

Of course, it is important to clarify that the list of games is based on the catalog available in the United States, so you could find some absence or difference with respect to what you find on your console when you review the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Should Microsoft do something similar?

The official Xbox Game Pass website shows a list of games identical to that of this home project. What’s more, all the filters are extracted directly from there (that’s why we said that everything is automated), and its creator has taken the license to include Metacritic data for scores and HowLongToBeat for the duration of the games. The aesthetics and interface of the website also helps, so those details are what make this home project slightly superior to Microsoft’s own official website. We’ll see if Microsoft takes note and decides to improve its official catalog with these little details that make a difference.

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