Someone has imagined what the 2nd season of The Squid Game will be like

When a series like The Squid Game harvest so much success it is normal that things like this begin to appear. A fan imagined how could the second season be and it has not been anything bad. So if you liked it, you shouldn’t miss the following mashups trailer.

Season 2 of The Squid Game according to a fan

The Squid Game it had a somewhat strange ending for some. It is true that in it they explained what had happened, what was the reason for carrying out that series of games, etc., but a couple of things also happened that were not fully understood and left open the possibility of a second season.

Well, waiting for Netflix to confirm that there will finally be a new season, there are those who took the opportunity to create a teaser with which to imagine what season 2 of The Squid Game could be like. The result? For it is not a written theory but rather a mashups trailer, a type of digital creativity where images are mixed both official and other productions that may or may not be modified by computer to give shape to the idea they propose. Go ahead play to the next video and you will understand it better.

Eye-catching, right? Even with the Netflix logo itself at the beginning and the same music from the series, this combination of images from the first season plus others that fit very well allow you to dream of a season two where the action would take place on a boat and not on an island.

However, beyond the place where the games are to be held, the striking thing here is that it seems that it will not be people with financial debts who will participate but with debts with society. That is, criminals of all kinds would be those who would participate in the new games that would be seen in a supposed second season. Games that would also have that childish point, although it is only seen that one of them seems to be solving a Rubik’s cube.

Will there be season two of The Squid Game?

Surely to this day you have also heard of The Squid Game and you have even seen it. This hit series on Netflix has not yet confirmed whether or not it will have a second season, but everything seems to indicate that it should.

First of all because of the record that it has set for the platform, with millions of users viewing their chapters one after another. And second, because the ending lent itself to that, to give it a continuation with a new series of games. Although in this competition the protagonist would go more in search of answers than of the economic prize.

Even so, to the lack of confirmation from Netflix we must add some recent words from its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, in which he commented that only thinking about a second season it exhausted him. Because I didn’t have an idea developed for it.

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