Someone has revealed the work of the GTA trilogy

Something strange is happening in the video game world. If last year it was CD Project Red that hit the bump with CyberPunk 2077This year it seems that both Konami and Rockstar Games are showing solidarity with the Polish studio. GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition accumulates a 0.5 out of 10 in Metacritic. People want their money back.

GTA: The Trilogy frog has come out

It looked good, but everything has gone wrong. When a little over a month ago, Rockstar Games announced that it was working with Grove Street Games to carry the first three titles of the 3D era of GTA to the engine Unreal Engine 4We are all very excited. Replaying the stories of Claude Speed, Tommy Vercetti or CJ with better graphic quality and on portable consoles like Nintendo Switch sounded really promising.

However, everything had a dark brown tint that we didn’t want to see. Rockstar did not release a single copy of the game to the press, which could lead us to anticipate that something was not working properly. He also proceeded to remove GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA: San Andreas from Steam. There was no gameplay of the game in almost no time and they did not make it very clear that an Internet connection was mandatory to play the title (which is totally offline). As well, everything has exploded after launch. The first weekend has been catastrophic for Rockstar, which even reached remove Rockstar Games Launcher, preventing players from accessing their purchased titles. Social networks were filled with angry players asking for their money back after this tremendous failure.

The engine change did not sit well with the games, which in addition to not solving a single bug, have multiplied exponentially. The performance of the game is very poor And the new graphic style may take you off your feet a bit, as the charm of the original games has been lost. And, as if that weren’t enough, the modders, which is the group that Rockstar is after and has ignored releasing this new game, are going out of their way to ridicule Rockstar and Groove Street Games by posting comparative between the new nonsense that they have launched on the market for 60 euros and the original games with a few mods and improvements.

Comparisons. What Rockstar wanted to avoid

Beyond the disaster that the trilogy has been, what is clear is that Rockstar wanted to prevent its work from being overshadowed by that of the modders. There would be the reason for withdrawal from the original games store from Steam.

During these days there have been many comparisons between the original modified PC games and the “definitive remaster”. In the field of laptops, a fan has made a comparison between a modified version of Vice City for PlayStation Vita and the remaster for Switch. The results are quite amazing. It is clear that The Definitive Edition has better resolution and more interesting textures than the homebrew, but the modified version fully preserves the original art direction, a very important detail that Rockstar has not taken care of in the remasters.

To this we must add that Vita is a console considerably inferior in power to Nintendo Switch, which shows the poor optimization that has the trilogy. We imagine that the developers of this fiasco will be working non-stop to fix all these problems. But until the first ones arrive patches and contribute solutions, the controversy is served.

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