Someone has to stop this: They create a LEGO Wordle

Almost five months ago Wordle became popular. And since then, the world has never been the same. We don’t know if Josh Wardle is enjoying the money he got from the New York Times, but what we do know is that the British software engineer created a monster. Never has such a simple game given rise to so many remixes. Not even Tetris achieved that feat. Now that Wordle has been with us for a while, things are a bit calmer. Thematic Wordles have evolved, and games have been created that are inspired by Wordle, but are not related to words, as is the case with Videogame Heardle, made with screenshots from video games, or Framed, which does the same thing, but with video frames. films. What we hadn’t seen in a long time was a creative project with the original Wordle. And so The first physical Wordle was born, the LEGORDLE.

The LEGO Wordle is already a hit at LEGO Ideas

There is a place where the best geniuses of this world meet. That site is not NASA and it is not the Massachusetts Institute of Technology either. Of course, we are talking about the web lego ideasthe official LEGO site where anyone can upload their projects and dream of making them come true.

A few days ago, a user named Toksky uploaded his own Wordle made with LEGO pieces. Just as Josh Wardle originally created the game as a puzzle for his partner, who is a fan of crossword puzzles, Tolsky has been encouraged to create a LEGO Wordle thanks to the your child’s ideas. As he comments in the publication, his son —who will be about 7 or 8 years old, since he says he is going to Second Grade— plays Wordle with him with a paper board made by himself. Father and son play a word game as a couple: one thinks of a word and the other tries to guess it. The person who thinks of the word completes the board with letters made of paper, using a marker to color the letters. In this way, the little one indicates the position of the letters that are located in the correct place or that are found in the puzzle.

An original idea from a child in the first cycle of primary school

After playing several times, Tolsky thought it was relatively easy to go from paper to plastic, turning your Wordle into a board game. Tolsky has published a concept made in 3D in which you only have to add the letters to be able to play. A lot of LEGO bricks are needed for the board, but the result is very interesting.

In just a few days, this Tolsky project has become very popular and has achieved the 1,000 supports needed to pass the phase, that is, that there is a chance that LEGO will notice your idea. Of course, in case the Danes want to carry out this project, they will have to reach an agreement with Wardle and the New York Times.

lego wordle update

As a bonus, a few days ago, Tolsky has updated his post with a project enhancement that allows play using fewer pieces. It is not as elegant, but it is a good alternative to the original design.

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