Someone managed to play Asssasins Creed on a smartwatch

Playing Assassin’s Creed on a smart watch is possible

When we say that users today carry real computers in their pockets, referring to the power and possibilities offered by current smartphones, it is not an exaggeration. What’s more, most users already know perfectly well that this is the case and use their mobile phone for practically everything. From the classic communication options to leisure.

However, what many do not know yet is that smartwatches also offer great potential. So much so that if it weren’t for the limitations sometimes imposed by their operating systems, many things could be done. And that’s exactly what this is about, how someone thought it might be interesting to see if it could play Assassin’s Creed on your Smartwatch.

MBReviews’ Mark B decided he was going to try playing the popular Assassin’s Creed game on his smartwatch screen. And, as you’ve already seen, he succeeded. Of course, to achieve this he had to perform some other little trick before. Because logically the game is not running on the clock itself but rather access it through Google Stadia.

To achieve this, he takes advantage of the fact that said clock includes an adapted version of Android 10. So, he was able to make Android 10 run on the clock. Which, in turn, has tighter hardware than some phones, but more powerful than most watches. At first, its 400 x 400 pixel 1m6-inch screen is the least attractive. Because then it has 4Gb of RAM, 64 GB of storage, MediaTk Helio processor, etc.

So, with all this, it is with what Google Stadia connected, a Blouetooth controller and was able to enjoy the particular experience of playing Assassin’s Creed on a watch.

The watch as the future of the smartphone

After seeing the demonstration that playing games like Assassin’s Creed Unity on a smart watch is possible, although it is impractical due to screen size and experience, what is clear is that they could perfectly be the new “smartphone”.

That is, smart watches with an LTE or 5G data connection could perfectly replace the mobile phone for many users in their day-to-day lives if, in addition to more power, the use and integration with smart assistants is improved.

It is more, although for some the future replacement for the telephone It will be the smart glasses, it could be a combination of glasses and watch that could really make us forget about the phone. It will not be something imminent, but it is clear that there are possibilities and many that something like this happens.

By the way, the watch used is the Kospet Optimus 2 and together with the technical data that we discussed before, it should be known that it also includes 64GB of storage and even a camera with flash. It is basically a phone on the wrist, hence the fact that it has been possible to achieve this particular challenge of playing a console title on a watch.

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