Someone wants to overtake Intel in the processor market and it’s not AMD

For years we have become accustomed to the struggle between Intel and AMD to lead the processor market. Currently, Intel dominates this market without any problem, despite the good AMD Ryzen processors. Well, the Qualcomm companymanufacturer of snapdragon chip ensures that in 2024 they are going to go for intel in the PC segment.

The reality is that there are laptops that already use Snapdragon processors and run Windows. The problem is that they are not even remotely competitive for AMD, much less for Intel. But, the company has set itself the challenge of not competing in the laptop market, but in the desktop computer market.

Qualcomm wants to go for Intel and AMD, with everything

It is very possible that you sound snapdragon processors, present in a large number of smartphones and tablets on the market. They are quite powerful chips that offer good performance with low consumption. But, these chips are far from being able to compete in power with the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen.

An Meng, CEO of Qualcomm, during the meeting to expose the accounts of the company has revealed something important. She said to wait 2024 that the PC based in a Snapdragon and that use windows generate a turning point in the market. Come on, the company wants to make the leap to a market dominated by only two manufacturers.

Above all, he emphasized that microsoft is working on optimize Windows for the processors based on the ARM architecture. Note that all Snapdragon are based on this type of design.

Qualcomm, after the acquisition of Nuvia, he assures that he wants follow in apple’s footsteps with its M1 and M2 chips. They emphasize that they stopped using a public version of the architecture and began to develop high-performance PC processors right from the start. As indicated, the idea is to challenge Intel and AMD.

Not only that, but also hope that OEM system builders show them your support. Currently, few clone systems use the Snapdragon 8cx, Qualcomm’s most powerful SoC. These systems, despite being cheap and efficient, are really not very powerful and quite irrelevant.

soc Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx

A warning that will hardly disturb Intel and AMD

The truth is that it seems difficult for Intel to be concerned about this bet by Qualcomm. Apple has stopped using their chips and seems to have cared little or nothing. AMD should not worry either, since its Ryzen processors are very powerful and well valued.

There is a huge difference between Apple and Qualcomm. Apple has a closed ecosystem of hardware and software, so optimization is dead simple. Qualcomm doesn’t have this ecosystem, relying on third-party hardware and a Microsoft operating system geared toward a different type of processor design.

Although the proposal is interesting from the point of view of greater competition, the reality is harsh. It seems very complicated that they can compete with the Intel Core and AMD Ryzen. It is possible that they compete in the entry-level range or generate very cheap and efficient Mini PCs, but beyond that, the task is hard, very hard.

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