Something happens with the Apple Car, hit the apple company?

From Apple to Ford: Doug Field says goodbye

Apple’s board of directors wakes up today without Doug Field, who until this week held the position of Vice President of Special Projects. It has been learned that, among others, Field’s main role in the company was to be one of the leaders of the Apple Car project, the company’s future car that is still in full development phase. The already former executive of the block has gone to Ford, something that has been confirmed by the automobile company itself. It should be noted that Field had previously worked in this company, so it is a refreshment.

According to Mark Gurman, one of the men with the most knowledge of the interiors of Apple, the company directed by Tim Cook has been grateful to Doug Field for his work and wished him luck in his new stage. Now in charge of the project are John Giannandrea, who was actually in a leadership position in this project and accompanied by Kevin Lycnh, who a few weeks ago went from being the executive in charge of the Apple Watch to being in the project of the car.

doug field

Doug Field, Former Apple CEO

A long-term project full of obstacles

Initially known as Project Titan, Apple is known to have been researching and trying to develop an electric car launch plan for nearly a decade. In true Tesla style, including even a autonomous driving system which continues to be tested throughout Californian territory. There has also been talk of some revolutions that he would raise on issues such as the autonomy, eventually discovering patents for batteries capable of far exceeding current standards in the electric vehicle sector.

Now the company It has not stopped encountering problems in its development. To those already usual and even expected in a company that is not specialized in this sector, failed negotiations with manufacturers have been added. Last year, Hyundai was the best positioned to reach an agreement with them, although not to be partners, but to cede its factories in the United States, being only those who would assemble the final product. Although the agreement was about to be signed, important voices within the Korean company spoke out against it precisely because of the little value that this business would generate for them, since in the end their name would not appear anywhere in the public eye.

apple car concept

It is well known that a project of this magnitude does not happen overnight. In fact it would have been crazy to imagine that there could be a first release before this year. However, on some occasions it has been said that in Apple’s roadmap 2022 was marked as a key date to, at least, have the project well advanced. However, with setbacks such as those discussed, everything is delayed. According to Mark Gurman, the company has no plans to announce anything, at the very least, until 2024 or 2025. Therefore we still have a long period of time to continue collecting data and leaks that let us know more about that mysterious and long-awaited vehicle.

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