Sonic 3: the movie will be released on December 20, 2024, but no one knows if Jim Carrey will be in the cast

Paramount studios have just formalized the sequel to the adventures of Sonic in the cinema. The third opus will be released in dark rooms on December 20, 2024. The production teams thus leave themselves two years to offer a sequel to the second film which was very well received by fans and critics, without however answering the question that everyone arises: will Jim Carrey be there?

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Paramount has put an end to a suspense that was not really: yes, Sonic 3 will indeed exist. The film has even been assigned a release date, namely December 20, 2024. The studios thus plan to respect their initial schedule of a film every two years. After the critical and commercial success of Sonic 2, we were only waiting for an official confirmation from the producers to wait for the next adventures of the blue hedgehog.

It should also be noted that Paramount did not wait long before announcing a release date for the film, proof that the firm is relatively confident about the success of this next opus. It must be said that Sonic has largely surpassed its predecessor in terms of entries, to the point of becoming the most profitable video game adaptation of all time. However, Paramount was careful not to give more information.

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Will Jim Carrey play in Sonic 3?

Also, many are wondering about the presence of Jim Carrey, brilliant Dr Robotnik in the first two films, in this third opus. While the casting has not yet been revealed, we remember the actor’s words about the future of his career. The latter claimed some time ago to consider ” seriously ” the possibility of retirement, adding “loving his quiet life” and ” have enough “.

Following this declaration, the producers of the Sonic films had then reacted by declaring that they “wouldn’t even try” to find a new actor for Dr Robotnik if Jim Carrey refused the role. “Jim Carrey is still a member of the Sonic family and he will always have a place in these movies and TV shows for as long as he wants,” they concluded.

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