Sonos and The North Face Team Up to Create the Exclusive Station on Sonos Radio: “Never Stop Exploring”

Just a few days ago we talked about the possibility that speaker users have or not to play music through the application’s radio stations. The news now is that Sonos and popular mountain apparel and accessories brand, The North Face, are teaming up to create an exclusive broadcaster in Sonos Radio called “Never Stop Exploring.”

Sonos and The North Face enter into a multifaceted collaboration that enables explore the most epic routes and natural landscapes like never before. This collaboration, rooted in each brand’s unique history of sound and nature exploration, will see the light of day this summer in a number of different ways.

Dmitri Siegel, Vice President of Content, Sonos Radio explained:

What we have created with the station Never Stop Exploring Sonos Radio is much more than just a reinvention of sound itself. Thanks to the creativity of Mikael Jorgensen and the clarity with which athletes remember their experiences, we have been able to create something very daring at the sound level. We have created a truly immersive acoustic experience for nature lovers and everyone who follows us.

For his part Pete Pedersen, Sonos Vice President of Marketing, explained the following:

Following the addition of Roam, our first truly portable speaker, we set out to find a partner to help us convey what it means to listen to music on the go in an authentic and accessible way. We were looking for a brand that would encourage us to go abroad to explore the world around us. It didn’t take long for us to conclude that The North Face was just what we were looking for. It is a prestigious brand in the world of outdoor adventure and exploration.

The Sonos Radio Station Itinerary Never Stop Exploring It includes:

  • “Thanks for the Beta” with the sounds of Sierra Nevada (California), with Alex Honnold and Emily Harrington
  • “Skiing Lhotse” with the sounds of the Himalayas, with Hilaree Nelson
  • “Sawanobori” with the sounds of the Shomyo waterfall (Japan), with Matty Hong and James Pearson
  • “Dirty Gnar Gnar” with the sounds of Mount Poi and Mount Kenya, with Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright
  • “Sending El Cap” with the sounds of El Capitan (California), with Emily Harrington
  • “Towers of Tigray” with the sounds of Ethiopia, with James Pearson
  • “Life Coach, Alaska” with the sounds of Ruth’s Gorge (Alaska), with Alex Honnold and Renan Ozturk
  • “Pitumarca” with the sounds of Peru, with Nina Williams
  • “Expedition Antarctica” to the sounds of Queen Maud Land, featuring Alex Honnold, Cedar Wright and Savannah Cummins

You can access Never Stop Exploring today via Mixcloud and via Sonos Radio in late July. Sonos Radio is available in several countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, and Denmark. .

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