Sonos Radio can be your ally this summer

Sonos radio

Many of Sonos users do not know all the options offered by the application of this popular speaker firm and one of them is the one that allows us to listen to the radio. This option was added long ago with the arrival of the new application and its functions, now Anyone who owns a Sonos speaker can enjoy the radio at any time as long as you have a network connection.

Logically, the radio may “seem limited” to many users, but in this case it only has a good handful of stations available with which you can surely enjoy. Also, if you have the small but powerful Roam, you can listen to your favorite radio station anywhere.

Obviously in our Sonos account and in the application itself we can add our Apple Music account, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc., but sometimes it is good for us to change a little and therefore having a good handful of stations available could be perfect for many . We are clear that there are applications of the stations themselves but on Sonos Radio you will find most of them without having to download any extra applications.

Do you need another playlist to exercise, background themes to focus or music to distract you? On Sonos Radio there is a station for every moment And you can find the stations by categories: Alternative, classical, country, dance or electronic, traditional hits, family, hip hop, etc …

You will find all this simply and easily from the bottom menu where the musical note appears at the bottom of the Sonos app, we click on radio and we can automatically search for our favorite music, find the music in places like Europe, Asia, Central America, North America, etc. and later when we click on the station we want, we simply have to choose the speaker in which you want to play and ready, to enjoy.

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