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Sound Sonos anywhere

Sonos roam

Sonos has always been known for offering spectacular quality audio solutions. Their devices feature extravagant level sound technology that, coupled with proprietary connectivity capable of creating multi-device environments, give life to highly versatile sound systems capable of delivering top-level musical experiences with astonishing ease.

But the problem with Sonos was not inside the house, but outside. The manufacturer lacked being able to make the leap abroad with portable solutions that did not depend on WiFi networks, and with those came the Move. The Sonos Move is a speaker that reflects the identity of the manufacturer: extreme sound with the highest quality materials and components. And although it is moderately portable, it did not meet the truly portable need of users. And that’s where the game comes in Sonos roam.

Sonos roam

The new Sonos Roam is the ultimate portable speaker. It is the typical device of about 15 centimeters that you can carry in your backpack to carry your favorite music anywhere. But in this case we are talking about Sonos, and beyond offering an independent speaker, what is sought is to be able to bring the best musical experience.

The smallest Sonos

Sonos roam

The result is a small device that is capable of offering a magnificent sound quality that you can hardly relate to its external appearance. And it is that aesthetically, although its design is very good with very well finished finishes and rubber finishes to avoid vibrations, after all, it looks like any other portable speaker. Until you turn it on.

Internally we will find a tweeter and a midrange speaker, which together with two digital amplifiers will be in charge of offering crystal sounds and of great depth, surprising mainly because what we hear does not fit with the size of the device in front of us. It’s a very similar feeling to when I first heard Sonos One. Its compact and heavy appearance was surprising, but the moment it began to sound was when I opened my mouth completely. In the case of the Roam it is something identical. Its small and very compact body (it reflects robustness when you have it in your hand) hides an amazing sound quality at the moment you hear the simple link bell completed with your mobile phone.

Sonos roam

Part of the blame that this sound plays is also on the proprietary technology TruePlay, which is responsible for analyzing the echo with the help of an array of built-in microphones, so that the sound is projected correctly in the room where the loudspeaker is placed. Thus, the speaker will automatically take care of adjusting the way in which it projects the sound, always offering you the best sound quality in a completely transparent way, since you will not have to do anything at all. This is something that he inherits directly from his older brothers, but that he applies it automatically so that its use is easier than ever. And it is that considering that it is a speaker that we will place in a thousand different places, it makes perfect sense that the TruePlay analysis is carried out constantly.

Sonos experience

Sonos roam

Although the main interest and focus of the speaker is to offer Bluetooth connectivity, the Roam can also connect to WiFi networks to meet and interact with other Sonos speakers. Being connected to a WiFi network we can enjoy technologies such as AirPlay 2, enjoy the assistants of Alexa or from Google and add this speaker to other Sonos speaker groups so music can be heard from every corner of the home at the same time.

All these functions only increase the possibilities of the device, so it feels like a fairly complete speaker with smart functions that others fail to offer. In addition, to complete your cover letter, one of the sides includes an inductive charging coil that will allow us to recharge the internal battery of the device without cables. This is optional, since we can also use the USB-C port that it incorporates, but it is still interesting that this option is included.

Sonos roam

Of course, although we can place the speaker in any type of compatible wireless base, the official charging base is not included in the device box, so we will have to pay an additional 49 euros if we want to use the official charging station that is going to I play with the device, something that also contrasts with the decision not to include a fast-charging power adapter either. So be that as it may, you will have to find your life to recharge the internal battery of the device. At least once charged to 100% you will enjoy 10 hours of music, which is not bad at all.

Without fear of water

Sonos roam

But if there is one characteristic that mainly defines this Sonos Roam, it is its ability to withstand water. And we are not talking about rain splashes or small accidents, we mean being able to submerge it to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. Thanks to the IP67 certification This speaker is water and dust resistant, so you won’t have a problem taking it anywhere regardless of whether it gets wet or not. Ideal for pool parties.

In our tests we have not found any type of problem when it comes to getting it wet, and it is something quite surprising because its design is very careful and apparently does not suggest offering any kind of similar characteristics, since it could pass for a normal and ordinary speaker. That’s where the excellent design work that Sonos has done on this speaker comes into play.

Sonos roam

As far as control is concerned, we will find the same keypad found in other speakers of the brand with the Play / Pause playback control, the volume up and down control and the microphone activation or deactivation control. These controls are located on one of the sides (or on the upper face if we place the speaker vertically) and are integrated into a rubbery surface that gives a very good touch and that in the process protects any type of problem with water.

Is the Sonos Roam worth it?

Sonos roam

Definitely yes. Surely on more than one occasion you have heard someone say “I bought this device 30 years ago and it still works like the first day”, because that is the feeling we have with this speaker, which will be an inseparable companion that will accompany you during long years. For that reason, we believe the investment of 179 euros involved in the purchase of this speaker is more than justified, due to its excellent performance, characteristics and build quality.

You may find cheaper Bluetooth speakers on the market, but none will offer you the level that this Roam reaches in pillars such as sound, construction and connectivity.

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