Sonos S36, this is the new economic sound bar in which the manufacturer works

Sonos is one of the great references when it comes to buying sound products. The manufacturer has a high catalog, in addition to working on its first headphones. And today, we just found out that the company is going to present its new Sonos S36 soundbar. A model that surprises for its adjusted price, since it will cost 249 dollars.

Or this is what emerges from the exclusive information that has published The Verge and in which they claim to have seen this sound bar in images. With code name furythis Sonos S36 soundbar would be the manufacturer’s cheapest model

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What we know about the Sonos S36 sound bar

Photo property of The Verge

As indicated by the companions of The Verge, it seems that they have seen real photos of the Sonos S36 bar, so they have not hesitated to create a 3d rendering where we can see the approximate design of the manufacturer’s next sound bar. A model that would be below the Arc and Beam sound bars.

Available in white or black and with dimensions of 550 x 69 x 100 mm, This is an economical sound bar and it will be perfect if you are looking for a model at a good price, but with great sound.

In this model you will not find height features, so forget about support for Dolby Atmos. As indicated in their leak, this Sonos S36 sound bar does not have HDMI inputs either, only optical, although this last point is yet to be confirmed. An Dolby Digital system that can be upgraded to deliver 5.1 channels through compatible Sonos speakers.

Sonos wants people to buy it as an add-on

Sonos S36 soundbar

The idea of ​​Sonos is not only to sell it individually, since it considers that many customers they can use the Sonos S36 Fury to complement the surround sound of the high-end Sonos Arc. Even the wall bracket that this bar includes allows it to be placed vertically, which could be used as vertical throw speakers to enjoy Dolby Atmos sound compatible with the Sonos Arc sound bar, a high-end model.

To say that the company has not wanted to make any statements about it, but from The Verge they affirm that the presentation date of this model will be June 7. Its price? The Sonos S36 Fury soundbar will cost $249, so we can assume that in Spain it will have a price of 249 euros.

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