Sony A8 OLED 55″ television on offer for 999.99 euros with financing up to 36 months

Every once in a while we find some high-end bargains with which to renew your old television. And now My Electro is celebrating sony week, where you will find all kinds of discounts on different equipment. Y, within the available offers we have found a pearl that you should not miss: the possibility of buy the 55-inch Sony OLED A8 for less than 1,000 euros.

Buy the 55-inch Sony OLED A8 for 999.99 euros

We are talking about one of the best Sony OLED televisions of 2020, as you can see in our analysis of the Sony OLED A8, and that you can now get for 999.99 euros, an unrepeatable offer to enjoy the best acoustic landscape.

Reasons to buy the 55-inch Sony A8 OLED

If we look under the hood of the Sony OLED A8, we find that mounts an X1 Ultimate, the most cutting-edge image processor of the moment. This can carry out all kinds of processes in order to offer the user the best image quality, in addition to a height movement interpolation. To be more clear, your processor can modify the PQ EOTF curve dynamically depending on the HDR metadata and light capacity of the panel, which leaves us with a high quality image.

Also includes the Pixel Contrast Bootster technology, which manages to represent the image differently from other manufacturers, since it is committed to 10-12% more color coverage in highlights -HDR and Dolby Vision- instead of only resorting to the white light of the white sub-pixel of the WRGB panel.

Another highlight of the Sony A8 OLED is its Motion Clarity technology. This is the best motion interpolator on the market. Along with this, it is accompanied by a new BFI (Black Frame Interleaver) which has three operating levels: low, medium and high, depending on the frames that are interleaved and the brightness that you want to sacrifice, increasing the resolution in motion to more than double.

The weak point of the smart televisions that we have today is in the sound section, but the Sony A8 OLED comes with the technology Acoustic Surface Audio. This is a system that works by turning the television into a smart speaker, since it transmits through vibrations through the screen, so the results are really surprising. Especially if we take into account that This television integrates two woofers in order to increase the three-dimensional effect of the sound.

TOSomething that we could not fail to mention about this Sony model is its Ambient Optimization technology. These sensors are responsible for increasing and reducing the brightness level depending on the ambient light in the room. Thanks to this system, you can enjoy watching all kinds of content with the best quality, regardless of the lighting level in the room, and without having to touch any settings, since it works automatically.

Finally about the Sony A8 OLED, say that it works with the Google operating system. Thanks to this you will be able to enjoy access to a large number of games and applications. And of course, it also includes a Chromecast inside with which you can duplicate the screen if you wish.

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