SONY and AMD are already working on PS6, this will be its release date

As usually happens in this type of leaks, take enough salt and season to your liking, because they can be as close to the truth as far, where in any case at least the leaks seem real as such. Two job offerstwo lists of requirements for a series of years where SONY and AMD will work to create this console.

SONY PS6, a console with a very long development time

Through the user Zuby_Tech we now know two of the job offers that both SONY and AMD have been advertising for what has to be understood as the development of the new PS6. And it is that when you find a list of work like this it is difficult not to see the evidence:

“Contributing to identifying and developing the technology portfolio of future PlayStation platforms.”#PlayStation6 #PlayStation #PS6

— @Zuby_Tech (@Zuby_Tech) September 7, 2021

As part of the Future Technology Group team, you will work with small project teams focused on researching and prototyping cutting-edge technologies, and finding ways to apply them to our platform and services. Future Technology Group are the technology experts at PlayStation. We research and develop innovative technologies that push the boundaries of gaming, helping game developers create the best games for PlayStation.

We cannot ignore the fact that our minds go to a new console from SONY, but we could also think that they are looking for personnel for the new and long-awaited PS5 Pro, except for a few small details of AMD’s second job offer they make us aim more towards something totally new.

A development time of 7 years?

Taking into account what was seen with the previous SONY consoles, where PS4 began its development in 2008 to be released in 2013 and PS5 precisely began that same year to end up being released in 2020, and there are also rumors that since November of that year SONY already has its sights set on PS6, it is more than likely that together with AMD they will launch this console in 2027.

Why not before? For two reasons, SONY is still in collaboration with AMD for PS5 Pro and apparently it is not ready yet. If we add to this the delays that the Japanese will have faced as a company and the setback of TSMC with its 3nm and 1.4nmit is likely that 7 years of development are more feasible after the pandemic experienced.

The fact that the second listing of offers shows AMD’s intention to seek a SoC engineer for Microsoft and SONY with Xbox and PS for a new generation of chip makes it clear that something big is on the way to design. In addition, there is talk of a complex SoC, possibly AMD moving to a package with SoIC 3Dwhich is the most advanced TSMC has on the market, at least as far as we know.

Given the improvements and the path that AMD wants to take with Ryzen and RDNA, it is more than likely that PS6 will have vertical stacking and maybe, just maybe, an MCM design to lower manufacturing costs by dividing the main units, such as cores, into chiplets. high performance or efficiency, but this is pure speculation at the moment.

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