Sony and Honda team up to make electric cars

The two Japanese giants have announced a strategic agreement to create a new joint venture that will be dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of electric vehicles, as well as mobility services. As indicated in the official statement, we will be able to see the first car resulting from this alliance in 2025.

The announcement that Sony made a few months ago ensuring that they would enter the mobility sector took place a few hours ago. It is not the first attempt that the technology has made in this field, but the alliance with a leader in the automotive industry such as Honda is decisive, which could solve many of the problems that a sector with so many barriers to entry such as the automobile industry entails.

“We want to contribute to the evolution of mobility through our association with Honda, which has global experience and knowledge in the automotive sector and has led the industry with an innovative approach”commented the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida.

“We would like to combine the technological assets of both companies (…) and ambitiously pursue the possibilities”explains the CEO of Honda, Toshihiro Mibe in the statement distributed to the media.

Sony and Honda team up to make electric cars 32

Although there are not many more details about the agreement, it is clear that Sony will contribute its knowledge and experience in everything related to electronics, computing, AI, sensors, telecommunications or entertainment on board, while the extensive experience of Sling It will be the one that forms the final product and provides services such as support or after-sales. In fact, they indicate that they do not plan to create new factories or dealers for these vehicles, but Honda resources will be used.

There is no doubt that the motor world and the technological world have more and more points in common. Projects such as the endlessly rumored Apple car, the attempts of Google and its Waymo, NVIDIA’s significant commitment to autonomous driving or the latest Xiaomi announcements are some examples of how the automobile industry is facing a major transformation.

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