Sony and Nintendo will modify their subscriptions

When you see your neighbor’s beards shaving… you know, and it seems that both Sony and Nintendo have decided to put their beards to soakafter a few months ago Microsoft visited the barber in the United Kingdom And the fact is that the success and notoriety achieved by those from Redmond with their Xbox Game Pass, the game subscription service that has revolutionized the industry, has caused it to be the first in which the regulators set… but not the only one.

Thus, as we told you at the end of January, the British market and competition regulator urged Microsoft to make changes to the billing model for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. The objective of the changes indicated by the regulator pointed to several points, from the information that users receive when they subscribe to the service for the first time, to the possibilities of canceling an annual subscription and recovering the prorated part for the time that they have not enjoyed, and billing on inactive accounts.

In the first point, the information provided must be expanded, to ensure that users are fully aware that they are contracting a recurring payment service, and that they must be the ones to cancel the automatic renewal. You should also be informed about the steps to take if a subscription has occurred by mistake. And with regard to inactive subscriptions, the company must contact the users and, if not successful, you will need to cancel the charges for the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

And as I said, first it was Microsoft but now it’s Sony and Nintendo. And it is that, as we can read in GameIndustry, Sony and Nintendo have decided to update guidelines related to their respective subscription services. online, precisely as a result of the investigation carried out by the British regulator, and which would undoubtedly follow the same path in the services of both companies, which thus avoid having to receive instructions from the regulator.

Sony has decided to implement new procedures in the management of PlayStation Plus accounts, including trying to contact inactive customers and, after a reasonable period of time, stop billing for the service if it is not being used. Nintendo, for its part, will make automatic renewal no longer activated by default for new subscriptions. A measure that, compared to those taken by Microsoft and Sony, seems to attack the origin of the risks, but I wonder if it will be enough for the regulators.

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