Sony announces Horizon Call of the Mountain, the first exclusive game for the PlayStation VR2 headset

At CES 2022, Sony unveiled the first game for its next-generation PS VR2 virtual reality headset: Horizon Call of the Mountain. This new virtual reality game will allow fans to reunite with Aloy and other familiar faces from the franchise.

Credit: Sony

Sony took advantage of CES 2022 to lift the veil on its new PSVR2 virtual reality headset and its new Sense controllers. Among the most important novelties is the eye tracking, a 110 degree field of view, from 4K OLED displays with high definition for each eye or even HDR rendering.

All this is very promising, not to mention the arrival of the features of the PS5 controller such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, and the manufacturer intends to show this potential with a new exclusive game named Horizon Call of the Mountain. The title is co-developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite, the recently acquired Liverpool studio known for The Persistence.

Sony unveils first images of Horizon: Call of the Mountain

Created for the PlayStation VR2, this unique experience was designed to highlight the hardware technology, innovation and playability that the headset offers. The first stunning visuals of the game unveiled by Sony and the all-new PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers are likely to give new meaning to the total immersion in the world of Horizon.

Call of the Mountain won’t put you in Aloy’s shoes, the red-haired protagonist of Zero Dawn and the upcoming flagship title Forbidden West, although you do meet her. You will also have the chance to meet other characters from the franchise during your adventure. You can find the very short teaser at the end of the video below.

Sadly, no release date has been announced for the game, but it’s possible that this is a launch title for the VR2 given the joint announcement. In the meantime, all eyes are on the new title Horizon Forbidden West, which hits PlayStation 4 and 5 on February 18. You can already learn more about the combat mechanics as well as the special features of the DualSense and the new gadgets available to Aloy.

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