Sony BRAVIA Cam calibrates picture and sound based on where you sit

The most demanding of image and sound will know that correct calibration is key to obtaining the best sound and image quality. In this adjustment process, the room in which we place the device will depend a lot, however, it will also affect the place where we sit. What if we are not always right in the center of the room?

This is how the BRAVIA Cam works


The new range of televisions from 2022 Sony will offer compatibility with a new accessory that will hit the market later this year. It’s about the BRAVIA Cam, a webcam of small dimensions that we will place on the upper bezel of the TV and that will offer us a series of very interesting functions that will seek at all times to offer us the best possible viewing experience.

On the one hand, it will offer the most obvious function that every user could hope for, which is none other than video calls. Through the service of Google Duo video calling, users can call other contacts to make video calls from the TV without using a mobile phone.

Another of the most striking functions is the incorporation of a gesture control system, which will allow you to navigate through the on-screen menus with simple gestures in the air, very much in the style of Microsoft’s Kinect. There are other quite curious functions such as the proximity alert, which will alert the little ones that they should move away from the TV when they get too close, or the energy saving function, which recognizes when you leave the room and lowers the brightness of the TV or turn it off completely.

Ambient Optimization Pro


But if there is a function that has caught our attention, that is none other than Ambient Optimization Pro. It is an automatic adjustment system that, knowing if there is someone in front of the TV or not, will be in charge of adjusting the brightness, the white adjustment, balancing the audio and improving the volume of the voices depending on whether we are closer or closer. away from the screen.

These last two audio functions will only be available on the 2022 models, although other settings such as automatic brightness, color tone curve, room audio compensation, and user position audio compensation will be available. also available in 2021 models.

When can it be purchased?

This new BRAVIA Cam will be available in the coming months with a price not yet announced, although it will be included in the highest models of the range, the Z9K and A95K Series.

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