Sony cancels its physical participation in MWC 2022

Although just a couple of days ago it was confirmed that the MWC 2022 would be held normally, maintaining its face-to-face format, it seems that not all its participants are in complete agreement. And is that Sony has been the first to confirm its withdrawal, at least in person, for the great electronics fair in Barcelona.

As the Japanese company shared in its official statement, “Sony Corporation has made the decision not to have its own stand at MWC 2022. As the world has largely shifted toward digital and online opportunities, Sony Corporation will communicate in ways that can bring our exciting product news to a wider audience.«.

Thus, it is expected that Sony will opt for its own online event to present its novelties, mainly targeting the new range of smartphones in the Xperia range and its recently advanced televisions at CES 2022.

It is a somewhat surprising decision but still quite to be expected, with we have seen in numerous events, such as recently happened with CES 2022, where many brands decided not to participate in person but it was still an edition with a large number of novelties.

In fact, GMSA itself, event organizer, has shared an answer official answer regarding Sony’s statement, expressing surprise but recalling that «Sony has not participated as an exhibitor at the event since 2019«, rating its reiteration as something “disappointing”, but at all times «Respecting the strategic decision made by the company«.

Additionally, the organizer has ensured that MWC 2022 will take place normally in the stipulated weeks, scheduled for the days of February 28 to March 3. So until now no other company has announced their absence for the event, which last year faced numerous important cancellations such as those of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Intel, Lenovo or OnePlus, among others.

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