Sony could be preparing a Pro controller for PlayStation 5

Despite having commendable things at the technological level and good cross-platform support, the DualSense of Playstation 5 it’s a controller more famous for its durability issues than its virtues. However, Sony could even partially amend that situation, as leaker Tom Henderson has shown that the company could be planning to release a PlayStation 5 Pro controller with features. premium.

According to Hendeson, the future PlayStation 5 Pro Controller would incorporate some features that are usually only present on top-of-the-range controllers, such as removable analog sticks, trigger stops for quicker inputs and buttons or triggers on the back at the level of the grips. The software would be updated to support these new features and the leaker, in his words, has had access to a promotional image showing that its form factor will be similar to that of the standard DualSense.

All in all, it looks like the Pro controller for PlayStation 5 will focus on customization, with parts that can be removed and changed, but without official information, it is important to remain cautious in case Sony does not end up meeting expectations or does not serve things as expected. It seems that the Japanese company intends to compete with the Xbox Elite, so it is very likely that its Pro controller will end up being expensive compared to other more basic options, including the Switch Pro Controller.

Sony plans to hold an event in the remainder of the month, so we will probably find out in the next few days. On the other hand, the expectations around this event are centered on God of War Ragnarok, a sequel to Kratos’ adventures in Nordic lands. Many fans of the god of Greek origin wonder how his relationship with his son Atreus will evolve.

And so far what is known for now about the Pro controller for PlayStation 5. Everything seems to indicate that on an aesthetic level it will not be anything revolutionary compared to the original DualSense, but Doubts and questions have remained in the air about its durability and if Sony will also provide it with good multiplatform support as of the DualSense, a peripheral that is officially supported even on Linux.

NOTE: Image is of the standard DualSense.

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