Sony could go from PS5 Pro and directly launch a PS6

The strategy that Sony followed with the last generation of consoles made us think of PS5 Pro, a console that is emerging as an intergenerational successor to PS5, and therefore would not bring major changes at the architectural level. It’s normal, after all. PS4 Pro hit the market three years after the launch of PS4, Y PS5 will be three years old on November 12.

We have already covered this console in depth in numerous articles, and in fact we recently published a special in which we talked about three important limitations that will affect PS5 Pro. So far We have assumed that Sony is going to launch this intergenerational renewalbut new information has called it into question, and indicates that Sony could move on from it and choose to launch a PS6.

The source of this information is Tom Henderson, one of the best-known and most reliable insiders in the sector, although we must qualify and understand his words correctly to avoid mistakes. The first thing to make clear is that he has not directly said that Sony is not going to launch a PS5 Pro, what he has said is that You’re hearing more about PS6 than PS5 Pro, and that this raises doubts about the future of the latter.

ps5 pro

Interestingly, Henderson has also said that the new PS5 with a removable optical drive that Sony will launch this year does not fit with the concept of PS5 Slim, and defines it as a kind of “2.0” version of the original console. This means that it will maintain the base design of PS5, and as I already told you at the time, it will allow Sony to unify production around a single model, something that will be much more efficient and will allow it to reduce costs. The two current models, with and without an optical drive, will be discontinued.

Does it make sense for Sony to move from a PS5 Pro and focus on PS6? The truth is that it is not crazy, since PS5 has a more balanced hardware setup than PS4 and it is better prepared to withstand the test of time, two keys that make things easier for the Japanese company and developers to complete the life cycle of a generation without throwing intergenerational renewal.

However, it is clear that PS5 will end up showing signs of exhaustion sooner or later, and that in the end It will also influence what Microsoft does with Xbox Series. To this we must add the rise of gaming on PC and the boom that ray tracing is having, a technology that can greatly improve the graphic quality in games, but that is too big for PS5. With all this in mind, I am inclined to think that we will see a PS5 Proalthough it may be one or two years later than expected.

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