Sony finally opens its waiting lists to Europe

More than a year after the release of the PS5, Sony’s console is still very hard to find, and stocks are disappearing very quickly.

The game console was released more than a year ago, but since then it is still very difficult to have access to the precious white box and the rare stocks present and available for sale immediately go up in smoke. While everyone (or almost) wants to have their PS5, the game console is still much desired, and Sony has just launched a waiting list for Europe.

Until now if you wanted the chance to get your hands on the brand new console, you had to open the few physical stores that offer the console, or be on the lookout for online sales, which usually leave in just a few seconds. Never has the world of new technologies known such enthusiasm, which cannot be sated.

Sony launches a waiting list in Europe

As stocks are very limited, Sony has (finally) decided to set up a waiting list system in Europe, while the Japanese firm has already been offering this solution in other regions of the world for months. It is therefore possible to go to the Sony site and register on a waiting list to hope to win the game console.

If you want to join Sony’s waiting list for a PS5, click here.

This solution has the great advantage of not going through the usual reseller sites, which often have very limited stocks and offer their consoles to the first to arrive. Sony promises for its part that a stock of consoles, the number of which is unknown, should arrive during the “winter season”, registering on the waiting list therefore gives you a chance to leave with a console.

A shortage of components

As a reminder, the situation around the PS5 is very complicated today, because game consoles are very greedy in chips and other computer components, parts whose manufacture is suspended or slowed down by the semiconductor crisis. A shortage caused both by the health issue and by geopolitical issues that are currently blocking everyone from new technologies.

If the automotive sector has long been singled out as the most affected, the PS5 are surely the perfect example of this shortage. This lack of parts and stock also encourages second-hand trade. There are many offers on resale sites that allow you to buy PS5s for a price higher than the new purchase price. This morning, the average price on the second-hand market was around 750 € against 500 € for the new console.

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