Sony forces to delete a photo of the filming of Spider-Man, what did you see?

Although the trailer for Spider-Man: No way home has already seen the light and with it a good amount of details have been uncovered, there are still some questions that continue to hover over the film. One of them, apparently, would have been uncovered through a photo filtered, an image that Sony Pictures has been quick to remove from the face of the earth, with a legal claim involved. What was it that the firm was trying so hard to hide? Surely you are already imagining it …

A trailer full of details

A few days ago we were already in charge of breaking down many of the details of the new trailer for Spider-man: No way home. And it is that the advance is full of winks, characters and scenes that predict that we are facing a film that will delight all fans.

We have the presence of Doctor Strange, with alterations in space and time (as expected) and with the return of mythical villains such as Doctor Octopus or Green Goblin – at least 100% confirmed by the images shown, although it is expected that there will be more evil characters in play

What this advance still does not reveal is whether the Supreme Sorcerer’s manipulation of space-time will cause something that has been rumored for months and months: the lap of the old Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Luckily for that we have the leaks, some important enough for Sony itself to rush to eliminate them …

The photo of discord

A user of the reddit forums has been in charge of looking for Sony’s tickles on this occasion. And boy has he found them. The division in charge of the distribution and production of films has not hesitated to send a legal claim to those responsible for the web to force the withdrawal of a publication that compromised its next great film. And it is that in it you could see a corner of the production set that coincided with the location of another image, previously filtered, in which you could see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. That is to say, they have worried about eliminating a photo in which nothing concrete was seen but which made it relevant that another previous image also filtered was real. Crazy.

So far we have echoed theories, statements and clues about this possibility, but nothing has completely confirmed the presence of the three Spider-Men. The publication of this image or, rather, the obligation of withdrawal by Sony -If it had nothing important, why bother to eliminate it? – It makes us think that indeed the participation of these two actors is a reality, one that the company wants to hide at all costs, since it is undoubtedly the highlight of this third installment.


There are still a few months until the tape sees the light and it is expected that before its premiere, Sony is re-releasing at least one more trailer to whet your appetite. Will we see in him any indication of the end of the parallel Spider-Man? Or will the surprise continue to be saved for movie theaters?

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