Sony has already sold 13.4 million PlayStation 5

It has been a little over a year since the registration to reserve the new PlayStation 5 was opened and since then Sony’s console sales march isn’t going bad at all, despite its price and the scarcity of units on the market due to various factors, as revealed by the company in its latest tax report.

In fact, the first major milestone of PS5 occurred at the end of last July, when 10 million units were sold, thus becoming the fastest Sony console to place such a number of units on the market and, therefore , on the best-selling PlayStation in history in the launch periodIt took just eight months to do it.

Well, the Japanese company can continue to be happy with the PlayStation 5 journey, whose growth continues to rise in sales of consoles and also games: compared to the 2.2 and 63.6 million units sold during the quarter. Previously, this has increased sales to 3.3 and 76.4 million units of consoles and games, respectively.

Playstation 5 sales digital games PS4 PS5

In total, then, PlayStation 5 has already sold 13.4 million units worldwide since its launch, although it has been a bit at the expense of games developed by Sony’s own environment, or in other words, thanks to games third party that are coming to the console, responsible for the increase in total sales of software, but also hardware.

Yes of course PlayStation 5 sales are up, PlayStation 4 sales are down And they do so considerably, from half a million units placed last quarter – the second of the year and generally the weakest – to just 200,000 units today. Thus, the change of cycle and the replacement of the new generation to the detriment of the previous one is certified.

The question from now on is whether the growth in sales will remain constant, taking into account it will be difficult to buy a PlayStation 5 (or an XBox Series X) in 2022. The reason? The one you imagine and some more, starting with the manufacturing problems due to the shortage of components, accumulated delays in distribution …

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